Pod Andreevskim Flagom Klyuch

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ANDStory, and the fate of our city is inseparably linked with the Russian Navy. And that's why, where as not in St.

Petersburg, conduct tours, associated with the history of its formation and development. Walking tour route, we perelistnom you known and little known to the public pages of the story. For example, learn, where once there was a temple, where Peter the Great, was ordered to take the oath to all sailors, and it housed the first Naval Academy Russia – Marine Guard Academy, will visit on the spot, Where is a bridge, which killed Lieutenant Davydov and Khvostov – Captains legendary ships “Juno” and “maybe”. Do you know, both linked to the fate of our city only one ship, which is now St. Andrew's flag is not raised, and what motivated their participation in the uprising of the Decembrists, some sailors Guards?

Pod Andreevskim Flagom Klyuch

On this and many other goes the story on our tour. If desired, the route can be extended, and the excursion is increased without increasing the cost of the tour.