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In modern, data-driven busienss, it’s integral that organizations understand the reasons for bad data and how best to address them. Data has revolutionized how organizations operate, from customer relationships to strategic decision-making and everything in between. And with more emphasis on automation and artificial intelligence, the need for data/digital trust also has risen. Even minor errors in an organization’s data can cause massive headaches because the inaccuracies don’t involve just one corrupt data unit. Inaccurate or “bad” data also affects relationships to other units of data, making the business context difficult or impossible to determine. For example, are data units tagged according to their sensitivity [i.e., personally identifiable information subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)], and is data ownership and lineage discernable (i.e., who has access, where did it originate)? Relying on inaccurate data will hamper decisions, decrease productivity, and yield suboptimal results.

Given these risks, organizations must increase their data’s integrity. Integrated Data Governance Modern, data-driven organizations are essentially data production lines. And like physical production lines, their associated systems and processes must run smoothly to produce the desired results. Sound provides the framework to address data quality at its source, ensuring any data recorded and stored is done so correctly, securely and in line with organizational requirements.

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But it needs to. By integrating data governance with, businesses can define application capabilities and interdependencies within the context of their connection to enterprise strategy to prioritize technology investments so they align with business goals and strategies to produce the desired outcomes. A and analysis component enables an organization to clearly define, map and analyze workflows and build models to drive process improvement, as well as identify business practices susceptible to the greatest security, compliance or other risks and where controls are most needed to mitigate exposures. And remains the best way to design and deploy new relational databases with high-quality data sources and support application development. Being able to cost-effectively and efficiently discover, visualize and analyze underpins large-scale data integration, master data management, Big Data and business intelligence/analytics with the ability to synthesize, standardize and store data sources from a single design, as well as reuse artifacts across projects.