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July 06, 2005 My Excelsior Writing blogs and drinking sake, cats snoring away on my just laundered shirt. While i am in my oakland home, I can not but to remember my Excelsior in the City. It is the forgotten part of San Francisco that Dan white came from.

The hood is forever punished for that man who shot mayor Mascone and claimed that the twinkies fucked 'em up. Where Excelsior meets Mission is where i miss the most. First of all, there is a mural. It used to have this pride thing going.

But now, a community group re did it. On it are some depiction of houses that is nearby, the park above it all (McClaren Park), and the bus and bus drivers and the people of the hood. All hispanics and blacks, and a few whites, and one asian girl.

Well, the hood is almost 30% Asian. They are not on the mural. Racial unity and love? Those chinos are taking over.they think they be better than us, taking over 'n shit.

But it's all smiles in the streets to a certain extent. Unless it is about parking.the Shin Yat Tong, some 'moral association' out of a house would have weekly meetings that takes up all the parking spaces on our street. I wanted to infiltrate them, but they recognize that my non-cantonese-ness is a give away for my outsider status. I lived there for a few years when I got a house with Even and his wife Liz and their soon to arrive baby, OOna. It was a working victorian, we worked the shit on it, painted it Azul (dark blue) to simulate Freida Khalo's house, and Liz suggested a green trim to the doors and windows.

It looks cool. Again, I can seeing it from the highway,that, when, as a youth, I remember driving 280 with family from San Jose to San Francisco, I remember thinking wow, colorful houses, but crowded, wouldn't want to live there. Anyway, it is a truly retro district that is out of time. A diner called 'Chicken Coop' with old Greek American owners who cooks straight out of a 50's cook book-american diner style.

Liver and onions on Tuesdays. The hair cutter i went to who, very old school italian style, used straight razor to do the close shave on your cheeks/neck and remembers his army days, the woolworth store, and the Piedmontese people. There are old social clubs (La Mache Club), latino Dance halls, 2 chinese butcher shops across from each other and 2 Mexican grocers with large selection of fresh fruit and veggies and home-made cheeses and hand made tortillas. Greesy old Cantonese store serving very traditional stuff, free soup, and as evan fondly recalls, the 'pork thing' that is basically a slab of fatty pork on veggies (Ko-rou).

There was a McDonalds that was a Fillipino hangout for old dudes whok on weekends, sit and reminese about everything.probably the good old days with Marcos and how their wifes keep blowing their money on parties and cakes every month.why are those Chinese people taking over the economy of our home country? Fuck, they're everywhere. Meanwhile, the street-style fillipino store selling fried food is busy. This is all on a 2 block area. At times you even see Indian women (as in Indios of southern Mexico/america Central) carrying buckets of flowers to sell. You are more impressed with their biceps than the stunningly chemical laden roses and whatever.

'can they kick your ass?' I don't know, but you better be ducking 'cause those Jehovah's Witnesses are looking at you. Then there are the central american restraunts run by evengelical central americans.

Good cheap food that will stuff you. And if you can't handle Jehovah's witnesses in espanol, go to Joe's Cable Car burger, where he grinds up the sirloin meat himself everyday. Heck, evan saw Joe, an old man now, take out his belt to whip some fucker who got in his face.turned out they were cops. But all is cool with Joe. Download free software nexxsys training manual software. His burgers will fill you up and bankrupt you. You better enjoy you $11 burger. For breakfast, there is the truly hole in the wall no frill chee-chi Ann's, run by 2 old Vietnamese couple who makes sure yur #5 special (2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, potatoes) gets that extra greese via a teapot.

It is very efficiently run. The 1930's ghetto style joint is truly a gem. Don't forget the dim-sum joint, the two rival burrito places, and the donut shop. Oh yeah, shopping.bad chinese made stuff sold to Mexico and re-imported.but the Goodwill store there is the bomb. I got lots of good stuff there. Well, you should all visit. If you can't find the burnt up closed Woolworth, you can't miss the busy crowded 3rd world style grocery shopping.

Why travel when you get it all here? In fact, you can time travel. Ral -another masterful piece of non-haiku on sake. When you ve got come to this direct and imagine, Oh No!