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Download PES 2016 PC and XBOX 360 Master League + Become A Legend Editor Tool v1.2 by Extream87 INFO: Now working in PC version with 1.03 + DLC 2.0 TUTORIAL HOW TO USE: FOR PC: ( ML / Master League ) – Download: – Open PES 2016 Edit Crypter. – Drag and Drop ML00000000 in unlock icon. – Open decrypted_ML00000000 with my tool. – Choose the currency and change what you want and click in Save button. – Drag and Drop moded decrypted_ML00000000 into PES 2016 Edit Crypter in lock icon to encrypt.

Bdw i got my new bal career started. Started at 68 as. But I skipped every league game just to taste the Champions league glory.

– Rename the file to correct filename. (Example: encrypted_ML00000000 to ML00000000) – Done!

( BL / Become A Legend ) – Download: – Open PES 2016 Edit Crypter. – Drag and Drop decrypted_BL00000000 in unlock icon. – Open decrypted_BL00000000 with my tool. – Mod what you want.

– Drag and Drop moded decrypted_BL00000000 into PES 2016 Edit Crypter in lock icon to encrypt. – Rename the file to correct filename. (Example: encrypted_BL00000000 to BL00000000) – Done! FOR XBOX 360: ( ML / Master League ) – Transfer your ML00000000 to PC. – Open ML00000000 with tool. (Auto STFS Extract) – Choose the currency and change what you want and click in Save button.

( BL / Become A Legend ) – Transfer your BL00000000 to PC. – Open BL00000000 with tool. (Auto STFS Extract) – Change what you want and click in Save button. You need to have installed net framework 4.5 DOWNLOAD LINK: ORIGINAL AUTHOR LINK.

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Hi, I created a ridiculously good version of myself when I first got the game (I made him overall over a 105) and put him in my favorite team just to mess around and play some friendlies. Then I started a BaL mode, but after a little realized that this created player is still in the game.

I don't really want to start a new BaL game because I like what I have been doing so far, but I hate how this fake player dominates the highest scores table and eventually I want to move to my team but I don't want that impostor to be there! I tried editing him, I made his overall score 55 and made him 35 years old(hoping he would just be benched and then retired) and changed his name.

His name changed in BaL mode, but his stats and age stayed the same. I'm on PC, is there a way I can just delete his file manually by navigating through the directory? If not, any other ideas?