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If you discount your products, does it hurt your brand? Some people say yes, some no. It’s no secret that discounts and promotions bring in more sales, but is it a good long term strategy or a cheap trick? Some people think offering discounts de-values their product, they don’t want to cheapen their brand. Tip: Check out the for some great insight from other business owners. I used to feel the same way.

In fact, very successful business owners like feel the same way: I actually personally hate promotions. I don’t dismiss their value, but we were always a bit snobby with our value. I don’t base it on data, but rather personal preference and stubbornness. I have always felt that if you’re willing to consistently discount the product, and that’s the only way you’re selling, then that’s probably a strong indicator that your pricing is too high.

I think this has a lot of merit, maybe discounts aren’t right for your brand, or your pricing is too high. Matt Cromwell from has a similar opinion: Overall, we find promos and coupons generally devalue our products in a way that we’re not comfortable with. Across the board, WordPress products are VERY affordable and we don’t feel like we should be part of the race to the bottom. Tony and Matt are not alone, I’ve heard similar opinions from others. These are valid points, and I don’t think discounts are right for every company, but I think it’s possible to run discounts (and other promotions) without hurting your brand. I’m not the only one.

Vova Feldman from says: I’m PRO periodic/seasonal discounts. The good mother elise sharon pdf to jpg. If done properly they can help your business, it’s a matter of psychology. A great example of an aggressive discount strategy is Banana Republic, they always have at least 30% discount.

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He’s right about Banana Republic, and their brand seems to be doing ok. Source: Other companies that I’ve seen offer discounts recently include iThemes, WooCommerce, Amazon, WP Rocket, Easy Digital Downloads, WP Engine, and lots more.

These are all respectable brands with sustainable revenue, and they don’t seem to be hurt by these discounts. Some people have a negative view of promotions because they are overused. Discounts are a tool that can be beneficial to your company if used correctly. Also keep in mind promotions don’t always have to be discounts. There are lots of clever ways to get people to buy without directly discounting, which we’ll talk about in this article. Many successful companies use discounts and promotions to increase their revenue, they just do it strategically.

Without discounts, these customers may have never purchased, so it does increase profitability. If you run your promotions correctly, they will increase long-term profitability without hurting your brand. After running promotions for years in my own business, here are 7 things I’ve learned that can help you maximize revenue and avoid hurting your brand when doing a promotion. Don’t use discounts out of laziness There are right and wrong ways to do promotions. The wrong way is to offer a discount because you are desperate or lazy. Offering a discount to sign up for your email list is lazy. I know that’s gonna offend some people, but it’s true.

When I see that, I know instantly that this will not be a valuable list to be a part of, they just want to send me emails to buy their product. Why is this a bad tactic? • This tells me nothing about what emails I will receive, or why I should care.

There is no value beyond the coupon. • Offering a discount will get signups, but it won’t keep people on your list.

They will be much more likely to unsubscribe. 1891 argentine mauser serial numbers • I barely got to your site and you’re already giving away discounts, it comes off as desperate. Is this to say it won’t work?

Certainly not. You will probably get a lot of signups, but we are talking about how to keep our brand name intact and create long-term value. This offer makes it clear to me they aren’t creating any good content, that’s why they have to bribe people to sign up with a discount.