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By Kendra Sparks The Princess and the Pea Poems No one knew there was a test involved. Using a pea to test sensitivity Was a mystery no one would have solved! Yet, the test was given. The Princess failed. The Queen’s not been forgiven.

The Kingdom regaled. Though I still pine for Ruth, She vanished without a trace. This has all been one unequivocal Debacle of a royal disgrace. And the memory of Ruth’s cooking, Forces me to keep looking.


I could provide you countless other examples of “scientific contributions” arising from feminist.

Though my mother (the Queen) Broke the rules it seems— She used tactics to which I would never stoop. Nevertheless, I’ll search the whole Kingdom For the girl of my dreams— I guess, someone, who, like me, hates split-pea soup! Warning: This selection contains mature subject matter.

There is perhaps no bond stronger than that of a mother and her child. In this heartfelt first-person confessional, Elise Sharron introduces us to a mother willing to do anything for her young son. This selection should be performed by a mature female and be entered in Dramatic Interpretation; however, written as a first-person narrative, this selection could also be performed as a Prose Interpretation. As with most dramatic selections with a twist, it is important the performer not give away the ending at the beginning. There are many emotional levels found within the text of this selection. First and foremost, the audience must get a strong sense of the love this mother has for her son.

When talking about her son, the mother’s vocal dynamics should be filled with tenderness and warmth; however, as the selection progresses, the story takes on a much darker tone. When performing a dramatic selection, pacing is crucial. During the most dramatic moments of the selection, the performer must slow down and show the audience how difficult it is to even talk about the events that occurred. Also, vocal intensity—not volume—will add to the overall suspense of the material. This selection represents the nightmare of many parents dealing with the social issue of child molestation. As always, with the mature subject matter, it is important for the performer to underplay each moment with 100% honesty. If used in Prose Interpretation, the drama mask icons are simply visible to show the performer when to turn the pages in her manuscript.

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The Good Mother The Queen (my mother) was a ruthless judge. And although many of the girls were sweet as fudge, All that screaming took its toll on Mother, Who, after taking her Tylenol, narrowed the field down to one. And like the thousands who audition for American Idol This Princess thought she had won. NOTES By Elise Sharron So, one day, Mother (the Queen) had Jose (the Court Jester) Put flyers around the Kingdom, both near and wide, Royally stating, Prince Seeks Bride. Mother was bustling with pride.

Thousands of girls rushed to apply, And I can’t lie. Those screaming girls were hot!