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When the re-signed the most patient general manager in the National Hockey League this time last year, some people wondered why. Kevin Cheveldayoff’s team had just missed the playoffs for the fifth time in six seasons since it relocated from Atlanta and had yet to win a playoff game as the Jets. Now, we wonder if the Jets will win the Stanley Cup next spring and end Canada’s 25-year championship drought. The Jets are that good and Cheveldayoff’s biggest challenge is keeping his talented team together under the salary cap. After a breakthrough 114-point campaign, Cheveldayoff would have been named NHL General Manager of the Year in any season that didn’t include the ’ miracle.

The Jets knocked off the Presidents’ Trophy-winning in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs before getting run over by the Knights in the conference final. Vegas’s George McPhee was named the league’s top GM. When Sportsnet sat down this week with Cheveldayoff at the Young Stars tournament in Penticton, B.C., we learned that his summer wasn’t much happier than all those years when the Jets were finished in April. Sportsnet: Did last season feel like vindication for you, the reward for those years of patient building? Cheveldayoff: Honestly, we really haven’t accomplished anything yet. We set out to try to win a championship, and until we get that that’s really what it’s all about here. Last season was fun.

The ride was great. It was a great experience for the players and a great experience for the fans.

From a euphoria standpoint, the city went crazy. But internally, there’s only so much satisfaction you take when you don’t win. Maybe it’s unfortunate you don’t relish some of those smaller victories, but it’s hard to win and that’s what we set out to achieve. Sportsnet: But you orchestrated a 27-point improvement. You didn’t reflect on that with satisfaction? Cheveldayoff: You have to move forward or you get left behind in this game. As an organization, certainly it was exciting and you never want to diminish that.

But to say that we’ve achieved anything yet that’s what it’s all about. Sportsnet: Have you thought much about that Vegas series and what could have gone differently for your team? Sportsnet: There’s a lot of talk now about the Jets being in their ‘window’ to win a Stanley Cup.

Do you believe in windows? Godovoj plan grafik ppr elektrooborudovaniya blank. Cheveldayoff: I believe you have to try to build something. But I believe you have to continue to build to maintain it.