Proekt Avtobusnoj Ostanovki

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Series: Proekt Slavy Se Language: Russian. Lu Klark znaet, skolko shagov ot avtobusnoj ostanovki do ee doma. Ona znaet, chto ej ochen nravitsja rabota v.

Croatia Largest settlement (pop. 344) Demographics Population 792 (2011) Pop. Density 16.9 /km 2 (43.8 /sq mi) Ethnic groups 93% Lastovo ( pronounced;: Lagosta,: Augusta,: Augusta Insula,: Ladestanos,: Ladest) is an island in the in. The municipality consists of 46 islands with a total population of 792 people, of which 93% are ethnic, and a land area of approximately 53 square kilometres (20 sq mi). The biggest island in the municipality is also named Lastovo, as is the largest town. The majority of the population lives on the 46 square kilometres (18 sq mi) island of Lastovo. Lastovo, like the rest of the, was settled.


The Romans conquered and settled the entire area, retaining control until the invasions and in the 7th century. The Croats and other Slavic tribes subjugated by the Croats secured most of the Dalmatian seaboard, but (like Lagosta) of the Dalmatians remained independent under the nominal rule of the Byzantines. In 1000 AD the due to the island's participation in piracy along the coast.

After the Venetian domination, in the 13th century Lagosta joined the where for several centuries it enjoyed a certain level of autonomy until the republic's conquest by the French, under. Then ruled the island for the next century, then Italy for 30 years after, and finally Yugoslavia until it became a part of the independent Republic of. The island is noted for its 15th- and 16th-century Venetian architecture. There is a large number of churches of relatively small size, a testament to the island's long-standing tradition.

The major cultural event is the, or carnival. The island largely relies on its natural environment to attract tourists each season. Tujh mein rab dikhta hai karaoke mp3 song download.

In 2006 the made the island and its archipelago a nature park. Aerial view of Lastovo The island of Lastovo belongs to the central Dalmatian archipelago. Thirteen kilometres (8.1 miles) south of, the island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the. Other islands in this group include,,, Korčula. The dimensions of the island are approximately 9.8 kilometres (6.1 miles) long by up to 5.8 kilometres (3.6 miles) wide. The Lastovo archipelago contains a total of 46 islands, including the larger islands,, and an island group called Lastovnjaci on the eastern side. Prežba is connected to the main island by a bridge at the village of Pasadur ('passage' in the local dialect).

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