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WhatsApp Plus – Hey, we have come with new app trick where you can get latest WhatsApp plus APK. So many people are using WhatsApp chat app because of connecting with their family, friends.WhatsApp plus is quite similar to the original official application that is bestowed with multiple features. It comes with features that are also similar to the original application. You can hide the online status, send large files, and also do more WhatsApp tricks with the official application. WhatsApp plus apk is easy to download with lots of new features & install WhatsApp Plus with new features on your Android device.

Here we have latest WhatsApp plus, so you can install latest WhatsApp Plus on your android phone. Check out below steps & install Whatsapp plus.

To download GBWhatsapp themes XML, follow our collection of GBwhatsapp themes pack and XML files, you’ll be able to download a zip file for each theme. Click on any of the theme name and it will download the the folder including the theme and GBwhatsapp XML. After verifying it by your Mobile number, you can use it and change its themes which look awesome. So look the below we are produced the GBWhatsapp Themes XML and wallpaper in zipping mode. Just download the Zip format and use it on Gbwhatsapp. Every day you can change the new look on your Whatsapp by using themes Gbwhatsapp.

You can check out from here. If you want more changes on WhatsApp then You can Use WhatsApp Plus.

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Download lagu taylor swift today was a fairytale girl. WhatsApp plus has more new features. WhatsApp plus is not available on google play store. You have to download this app on your smartphone using below download link. Now You can easily on your smartphone. WhatsApp plus for Android is now available, You can check out below download link.

If you want WhatsApp plus latest version 2018 Then Here we share the download link to WhatsApp plus free download latest version. WhatsApp plus apk file download latest version from here. Also See This – If You are looking for then here check out this article. Download App with lots of new features such as Hiding last seen and doing many other tricks. You can also change the theme of WhatsApp and give it to your friends easily by sharing them the theme.XML files. They can quickly load those files on their Android device.

You can even WhatsApp Plus on your Android device easily without doing many changes in your original WhatsApp. So Now Download WhatsApp Plus App from Below link.

Here Below We Provide Download Mirror Link for App. If you are looking for then check it here. Download WhatsApp Plus APK WhatsApp Plus Features • WhatsApp Plus has a lot of great and exciting features in which you can hide the last seen of yours and also do a lot of other changes. There are various themes which you can install on your WhatsApp and share it with your friends. If you are good in customization then you can send your themes to the developer and your theme will be available for all the users. So check out below for WhatsApp Plus Features: • Privacy Options – There is privacy option in the WhatsApp Plus which will help you to freeze the last seen of your WhatsApp.

Whenever you will come online on WhatsApp your friends will see old last seen. You can also hide the blue ticks of your WhatsApp and also hide the typing status and also second tick so that you will be completely anonymous. • Group Invite Link – Group Invite link was the feature which was released by the WhatsApp recently but it was having some of the issues in the application. This feature was not working in some of the WhatsApp application. If you will try installing this application you will be able to use this application without any issues.


• Block Audio and Video Calls – If you are having the original WhatsApp application there are chances that you might be getting spammy calls. If you are having the all-new WhatsApp Plus then you don’t need to worry just because it is having the feature in which you can block the audio and as well as video calls. • Stay Online Forever – If you want to stay online on WhatsApp forever then you can also do so and brag in front of your friends. You can say them about this feature in which you can stay online forever. • Themes and Customization – There is a feature in the WhatsApp Plus in which if you are bored with the green WhatsApp. You can change the color of the WhatsApp to whatever you need.

After creating the theme you can also send those themes XML files to your friends. • Send Any Format Files: If you will see the WhatsApp application then you can send the DOC, PDF, PPTX and XLS. The new WhatsApp Plus is having the WhatsApp Plus is having the feature which will help you to send the files in any format and you can also send the zip files and txt files too.