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Article citations Gupta, P.K. And Hira, D.S. (2008) Operations Research. Chand and Company Limited, New Delhi. Has been cited by the following article: • TITLE: AUTHORS:, KEYWORDS:,,,, JOURNAL NAME:,, May 24, 2017 ABSTRACT: The solutions of Linear Programming Problems by the segmentation of the cuboidal response surface through the Super Convergent Line Series methodologies were obtained.

The cuboidal response surface was segmented up to four segments, and explored. It was verified that the number of segments, S, for which optimal solutions are obtained is two (S = 2).

Illustrative examples and a real-life problem were also given and solved.

Buku belajar bahasa jerman pdf merge. Operations Research is a great way for beginners to get introduced to the vast subject of Operations Research. Artikulyacionnie profili zvukov. This book has been so designed that it does not demand a knowledge of advanced mathematics from the reader, but only a basic idea of operations such as differentiation and integration that are enough to enable a reading of this book. The book opens with a general introduction of the basics of Operation Research.

Following it are several chapters on various topics such as Liner Programming, The Transportation Model, The Assignment Model, Sequencing Models And Related Problems, and Advanced Topics In Liner Programming. There are a number of numerical examples that have been used to explain the underlying ideas of different operations research technique. Also, there are a large number of solved examples that are taken from several fields that aid the understanding of the subject. The set of unsolved problems come with answers and occasional hints which help the students to test themselves.


The book also contains over a thousand illustrations. Gupta is a writer-compiler of academic books. He has made a name for himself by penning several books on subjects such as operational research and environmental science. His books include Solved Problems In Operational Research and Hindu Law and Introduction To Operations Research.

Hira is the co-author of this book, and has also co-authored Solved Problems In Operational Research with P.