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“The dog [was] running in circles in the road, confused and scared,” he said. “She was playful, but apprehensive.” They were eventually able to calm the poor pup and lure it into Gasparik’s car with some deli meat. Gasparik said he immediately drove her to a 24-hour, hoping to have her scanned for a chip but was told the chip was unregistered. He eventually took his search online, and with the chip ID number, Gasparik was able to track down the pup’s breeder, but still had a hard time finding the information for the current owner. “I then decided to go stand on a busy corner in Charlotte with a sign,” he said.

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The next thing he knew, he went viral with social media and local news organizations sharing the image. “It was amazing,” he said. “One post by a nice lady locally had more than 1,000 shares.” He took to the streets the following day as well, and by the afternoon, a woman named Cheryl reached out to him and let him know that she recognized the dog Roxy and was happy to help reunite her with her owner, Ed. “As soon as Roxy saw Ed, she was ecstatic,” Gasparik said. He said he hoped the event will inspire pet owners to make sure their are chipped and registered. “Too many people assume the chip is registered by the vet when they pay to have it installed,” Gasparik said. Save editor.