Waldorf Blofeld License Sl Hack

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Jun 28, 2017 - I've recently bought a Waldorf Blofeld (desktop) to use with an Aodyo. I've installed the Licence SL upgrade so that I can import my own samples. Tool, followed by a save and transmit to the Blofeld seems to do the trick.

Is it possible to crack this? I have 350£ synth with flash memory i own but cant use until i pay waldorf another 100£. People with the keyboard and black versions have this functionality out of the box i believe. Hopefully someone has some more info on the subject, this should be the place for it i guess.

I believe the update is just a midi file (same for everyone?) sent to the machine similar to a firmware update. If its a generic midi file, maby a group buy is in order? *yes* cheers!

Drake so far gone the album. Id pay it it if was reasonable (most ppl would agree i hope) 10-30£. Not 100 f#@~ing quid! Thats the best part of a new synth!

I dont even get anything for 100£!! I already own it! They just remove the training wheels, sweet!.