Championship Manager 03 04 Training Schedules

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Championship Manager 4 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips Championship Manager 4 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Browse by PC Games Title: Hints and Tips for: Championship Manager 4 Cheats Championship Manager 4 To gets lot of money: --------------------- Submitted by: Shane Take over a team that has money and players would like to go to (I usually take Manchester United). Make a bid for any useless player you would like to get rid of for 50 million but the trick is to put the transfer to take place at the end of the season. Also in your players transfer status place him on the transfer list and say that he is not needed.

Once you accept the bid place the other teams manager on holiday and after a couple of days u will get news that the player is going to be signed by Man Utd. I did this and got rid of all my youth team players and at the end of the season I had a 100 billion pounds in transfer fees. Alot of people have not noticed this but another great player to have in your team is Kaka from Santos. Play the game until season 2004/5: ---------------------------------- Submitted by: Paul Raeburn Then do a player search for players whose contracts have expired. It is more than likely that many players you have shortlisted, or other quality players are available for free transfers. I have signed Capucho, Luis Enrique, Rivaldo and Frank de Boer for free. Also, because they aren't being paid, they will more than likely accept any contact you offer them!

Home Topics Computer Games Sports Sims Football & Championship Manager Super Training Schedule and Tactic (03/04)!!! Notices Welcome to; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Get any player who wants to come: --------------------------------- Submitted by: Nick Offer a bid for 50million for a player and after they accept and you offer a contract click on the players name and click on withdraw bid. Then you offer 0 and when you have offered click the Back button then you offer the contract. When you have offered the contract wait for the player to accept then you press yes when you want to sign him then the next day you have signed him for free!

Buy any player for free: ------------------------ Submitted by: HaRRy 'The Doctor' Wibisono 1) First, you have to get his club to accept your bid. 2) To achieve this, either make a very high bid (many times his market value) that the club cannot reject; alternatively, you could make an enquiry and accept the club's demands in return. 3) When his club allows you to negotiate his contract, click to offer him a contract. 4) While in the contract screen, click news on the left toolbar option (Do not click the back arrow). Click on that player's name and withdraw your bid.

5) Re-bid for free or whatever amount you wish. 6) Click the back arrow on the left toolbar this time back to the screen where you are discussing his contract details. Essay advantages and disadvantages of diwali festival. 7) Offer him a reasonable contract.