Norfolk Southern Locomotive Engineer Training Handbook Manual

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Norfolk Southern Locomotive Engineer Training Handbook Template. (Calculators, Applets, Spreadsheets, and where Applicable includes: Courses, Manuals. Denied YORK greater southern losing ask natural de. Civil engineer, coal mining manager, and entrepreneur, William. Conrail is a service provider for CSX Corporation and Norfolk.

I see this question was posted 11 months ago, but maybe I can answer these questions for future conductor trainees. I completed my training yesterday, started with a class of 58 and graduated 55. Two failed the hang test and one just up and left the one night after he decided this was not the job for him.he was 58 years old. Krishna rukmini kannada serial hero name. About the hang test. Everyone must hang onto a steel ladder constructed exactly like the ladders you will find on railcars. You must hang for approximately 1 min, 15 secs with each hand all while swinging a railroad lantern.

Sounds easy, but two people had to leave because they couldn't do this after three attempts. If you get a notification of a school date go to a playground and practice hanging from a monkeybar. You will need some good leather gloves, not mechanics gloves, or anything made of rubber or cloth. I bought my gloves at a truck stop.figured if they were good enough for truckers, they were good enough for me. Adjusting your grip during the hang test will be enough to make you do it again. You don't want that! The rest of the day will be spent going over the layout of the facility, meeting your and staff and completing all the other stuff.

You will also receive your study guides. Expect homework every night. I spent every night studying, doing take home tests/quizes. This was common practice for every student and is necessary to complete this course, so if you cannot commit don't go.

Week One-learning how to use our guidebooks and locate rules of operation. At least one test or quiz everyday. Only had to wear workboots on day one, then we were allowed to wear street shoes rest of week.

Alot of information to take in, but it all comes together in week two. Class days usually last from 8:00 to 4:30, but there were a couple days we had to show up at 7:00. I will add week two info in additional comment block.

Week Two-spent out in the railyard located at the training facility. This was my favorite time and this was when everything we learned in week one really started to make sense. Very knowledgeable employees (NS Retired) showed us how to switch tracks, replace coupler knuckles and air hoses, but the best thing was riding on the cars and locomotives coupling and uncoupling cars. Plan on being outside rain or shine.just like the job requires. The last day of week two will be your evaluation. Each task you practiced during the week will have to be demonstrated and passed.

Pay close attention to your instructors in the yard and you will not fail. You will also have to show up very early this day, about 4:00am because some of your tasks have to be completed during darkness. The main thing is to always be alert and safety conscious. You'll be surprized at how quiet these rail cars are even when your standing next to the track. Week Three in next comment block.

Week Three-Truely a week from Hell! Only because none of us ever seemed to do anything but go to class, get dinner, then back to our rooms and study until we went to sleep. No kidding at least three tests or quizes each day. Signal test can be difficult if you haven't begun to study or take practice tests during previous weeks.


If you made it to this point you already have a good attitude and will do whatever it takes to pass each test. I highly recommend doing all exercises in your workbook and start to review them no later than Wednesday night, and take notes when instructors advise.they are setting you up for success. The final was all information learned in the classroom and in the yard, nothing new, but you do have to understand applications to get through some of the questions. 80% required to pass. Award was given out to the Top Conductor, so we had some friendly competition comparing grades which are posted in classroom. Best feeling was passing final and heading home. Great experience!

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About the -I stayed at Roadway Inn about one mile from facility. Really a dive, but there are no bedbugs, or roaches. Each room has small fridge and microwave. TV and free wifi. If you have a laptop bring it. You can take practice signals tests from website given by the school. You will share your room, so don't do like some people have in the past and bring your significant other to share the room too.