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Chicago citation style: De-Lazari, A. N., Cartographer, N. N Lesevit︠S︡Kiĭ, and Publisher Gosudarstvennoe IzdatelʹStvo. Serii︠a︡ plakatov 'Grazhdanskai︠a︡' voĭna v 10 listov: Sovetskiĭ Soi︠u︡z i Vostochnai︠a︡ Evropa.

The issue of the security of gas supplies remains one of the major areas of EU-Russian energy relations. The aim of this article is to define and analyze the framework of EU-Russian gas relations. The text is based on the assumption that it is possible to define gas relations between Russia and the EU not as the unilateral energy dependency of one side on the other but as mutual dependence. For this reason, the article deals with the theory of interdependence and its application to EU-Russian gas relations. The paper also examines two possible scenarios for the development of gas relations between the EU and Russia.


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