Nikkai Usb Serial Driver

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I've read through this thread with interest and have subsequently registered on the site to try and get some advice. I have a generic USB to RS232 cable which I purchased on fleabay. When plugged into my laptop windows 7 automatically updated the required drivers for it and it works fine. However, I also need it to work with a desktop PC which is running XP home and I have spent three hours trying to install drivers without any success. I have downloaded pretty much every driver mentioned on this thread without any luck and really don't know what to do next. When I try to install the drivers manually the wizard can't find suitable drivers in any of the files downloaded. I have seen some people mention.rar files but how do I get XP to recognise these as driver files?


Aug 16, 2015 - I AM TRYING TO CONNECT MY BAOFENG USB ADAPTER TO MY. Of course, you can try to manually update the driver at Prolific site.

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Any advice is greatly received.