Norton Trial Reset Windows 10

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Download Norton Security free trial software, the best free antivirus tool available, from the official Norton site. Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 (32-bit and 64-bit. Sep 15, 2017  Why use a trial reset when you can get a free subscription / license / code of 90 days for Norton Security. After the trial is done you can request another one and so on. Follow this steps: 1.

I bought an Antivirus CD from a local computer shop and installed it on my Window 7 last year. 4play 60 serial id. After I updated my Window 7 to Window 10, the app was still running fine.

Today I reset my Window 10 and try to reinstall the antivirus from the CD, it said not compatible and lead me to the website to download from the website. I log in my account and enter the product key on the website, but it said 'No License Available'???? I can see my account on the website stated 'Liang-Window 7' Last online less than 2 hour(s) ago, ISSUE FOUND PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION: TRIAL. I am pretty sure my subscription still have 200+ days because I just update the antivirus right before I reset my window. Hello Norton products have not been available on CD's for a few years now. What probably has happened is that you used up the slots allowed in your license. What you have to do is delete one of the seats in your license for the computer you have reset.

That will free up one more seat. Then your key should work. Also, the version on a CD might be too old for Windows 10. If you tell me the Norton product and version number, then I can give you a more up to date version which should be compatible with Windows 10.