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These are the best of the best quality themes made for UnleashX. Only my finest work. Sep 05, 2017  Does Anyone Have a Collection of XBox UnleashX Skins They Could Spare?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • UnleashX UnleashX is the most popular dashboard, which was introduced late in the Xbox scene. It is flexible and user friendly, and known for its extensive skinning capabilities, and extra features. It's extra features include a text editor, screensaver, FTP client/server, game save browser and downloader, a formatting menu, and support for game/application preview images or videos. Note that this dashboard does not provide a built in trainer menu, and therefore you will need to use the. The last official version was. Default Menu Launch DVD • Launches the DVD that is in the system. If the 'Tray' text in the top right corner reads as empty, no disc is detected.

Games • Detects executable (XBE) files inside of E: Games, F: Games, and G: Games and lists them. If you place a rip of a game, such as Halo 2 inside one of these directories, you can launch it here. Applications • Detects executable (XBE) files inside of E: Apps, F: Apps, and G: Apps and lists them. If you place applications such as DVD2Xbox inside of one of these directories, you can launch it here. Emulators • Detects executable (XBE) files inside of E: Emulators, F: Emulators, and G: Emulatorsand lists them. If you place emulators such as Surreal64 inside of one of these directories, you can launch it here.

System Settings • Opens UnleashX settings. Here you can configure your video settings and enable the F or G drive if it is disabled.

The version number is displayed on the top line under System Settings. Game Saves Manager • Opens the Xbox game save manager. This is the same as the one on the Microsoft dashboard. Misc • Start/Stop/Reset FTP: Mainly used if you don't want FTP on at all times.

• Reset Network: If you have changed your network settings, you will need to select this for your Xbox to take them into effect. • Open or close your DVD drive: To be used if your Eject button stops working. • Copy Game Disc: UnleashX will rip the game and store it in F: Games[ game name], which will be playable from the Games menu on the main menu. It is not recommended to use this, as is a better alternative, which patches games and circumvents extra security added in some games. Format Menu • This menu will allow you to format your drives. The default password is 'Xbox' with a capital X in front. This will wipe all data from the selected drive.

Skins • Allows you to choose a different skin for your dashboard. You can add more skins by placing them in C: Skins or E: Skins.

Sometimes it will revert your skin on reboot, in this case make sure to double-tap A when selecting the skin, and to press A hard when saving changes. File Manager • Allows you to move, copy, and rename files on your Xbox. It can also browser and extract ZIP/RAR files. Mischievous kiss love in tokyo full episode download.

• Controls: • LT/RT: Switch between left or right window. • A: Open the highlighted folder, edit file (text files), or execute file (XBE). • B: Go back up a folder. • X: Select file(s) • White/Start: Options to copy, move, or rename files. • If an XBE is selected, you can rename it's XBE Title which is the displayed title in the Games list. • Back: Exit to dashboard.

MS Dashboard • Boots the Microsoft Dashboard. Restart / Shutdown • Soft restarts or shuts down your Xbox. Modifying the Menu You can add, remove, or move menu options by modifying the Config.xml located in the dashboard installation directory. The directory structure is pretty self explanatory, and you can add folders manually in any spot in the hierarchy. Below is an example to make a folder called 'Homebrew Games' in the Games directory which contains the games inside the folder G: HOMEBREW.