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• ‘ez Phone’ Installation and User Guide Model: LDK system Issue 1.0A 2004.09.03 LG Electronics Inc. • 2003.8.10 - SLT, DECT with ez Phone - Favorite (Schedule Dial Window) manual update 2003.9.10 - Add Functionality(Camp on, msg wait, etc)- For LDK 100,300, 600 2003.10.10 - Modified normal popup window manual (Blind transfer-> Transfer) 2003.11.05 - Modified Option window for Searching way) – B.0Ad - Auto ACNR for Busy of External outgoing call (Schedule Dial) –. • ‘ez Phone’ ‘EZ PHONE’. 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION. 6 INTRODUCING EZ PHONE (LDK SYSTEM). 6 HARDWARE / SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT.

Hardware Requirement. Software Requirement. 9 INSTALLING1 (LDK TSP). • ‘ez Phone’ Log – View. 49 1.10 Favorite (Schedule Dial Window). 50 ETC WINDOW.

RE: PC Admin Software and Firmware for LDK 300 doktor (IS/IT--Management) 12 Aug 09 15:48 Nexer (or ipLDK-24) is a smaller PBX than the ipLDK-300, but the described facilities are included in the s/w version 3.8 for ipLDK-300. Hi everyone i have a problem with my LDK program i have the latest version of ldk which is 9.HD i removed the old version and went ahead.

52 Flex Button Assignment Dialog. 52 VMIB Dialog. 53 Customize Dialog.

53 2.4 Option Dialog. 56 Always On Top. 60 Import Outlook Contacts Into My Own Address Book. 61 Export My Own Address Book Export to Outlook.

• ‘ez Phone’ Vimb and Msg wait Notification. 69 My station program( in menu). 70 Auto ACNR(Schedule Dial Window). 70 SMS OVER GSM. 71 MODIFIED FEATURE (INTEGRATION VERSION).

74 Issue 1.0A. • LDK-PCPHONE includes a various value added features to integrate Computer and Telephone, to manage all the details associated with telephone business. With LDK-’ez Phone’ ’s Graphical User Interface, you can easily use the following features. • ‘ez Phone’ There are two types of ez Phone version. One is an entry; the other is a deluxe.

Please refer to the below table for each version’s function. Entry Local DB, Capacity Limit Basic DKTU feature Individual DB Screen Pop w/local DB Call Log: Max 20 Received, Missed, Dialed Click &. • 1) PC: Window 98 or higher ez Phone Program (CTI Application) 2) Dao35Registor.exe 3) To make the connection between the ‘ez Phone’ and your telephone (LDK), you have to install LG TAPI-driver packed together. Win 98, Windows NT, Window 2000 Win Me, Window XP home, pro. • ‘ez Phone’ 2.3. Connections 1st Party (For LDK 24 Only) - NeXer The following Figure 1 describes the Interface Block Diagram of LDK 24 Main System Unit.

LDK 24 [Figure 1] LDK – ‘ez Phone’ System Block Diagram (1st Party) • ‘ez Phone’ 3rd Party (LDK 100,300,600 Only) The following Figure 3 describes the Interface Block Diagram of LDK-300 Main System Unit, DTIB, Normal Keyset, CTI Server, and PC. Telephone Call [Figure 3] LDK - – ‘ez Phone’ System Block Diagram (3rd Party) CTI Server should set each user for ez Phone line assignment This method is different from LDK –24 line assignment. • (LDK TSP) You must Setup TSP File First.

Lg Ldk Pc Admin Software

1st Party You should install LDK TSP to your computer. 3rd Party You should install LDK TSP to CTI server pc. If you setup TSP, the following wizard is appeared.

• ‘ez Phone’ If you want to install the TSP, Click [Yes]. If you click [No], Setup is canceled. If you click [Yes], setup is complete. Click [OK], you will see the next dialog. Then, Click My Location and press [Edit] button.

Then, you will see the below Dialog. This is very important to make Co line call with ‘ez Phone’. • Loop Code should be set in your desktop PC for making external call)- Both of 1 LDK SYSTEM adds this number when make Co line Call. EX) A number which is saved in your address book or any other number is over than 6 char, ‘ez Phone’. • ‘ez Phone’ Issue 1.0A Click [Advanced] tab. After selecting [Telephony Service Provider for LDK], click [Configure] ** Important Note 1) LDK TSP Install guide should be referred when you install TSP on your PC.

• ‘ez Phone’ Issue 1.0A In this dialog, you should set In above dialog, select LDK system(LDK SYSTEM), service mode(1st, 3rd). IP Address is the IP of LDK SYSTEM After setting, click [Apply] or [OK] button. O cheama parazitii download mp3. Nhk 2038 bcas rar files free. Setup is complete. Once more, after changing some value, you should restart computer. • ‘ez Phone’ Installing2 (DAO) Remark: DAO Set up program should be run by user If you meet the error message “Internal application error” when you start ez Phone, install ‘Dao35Redist.exe’. “Dao35Redist.exe” installation file is existed in ez Phone installation folder.