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Hello Everyone, I'm desperately trying to replace my lost VFP 9.0 Professional Edition program installation CD so I can move the program to a new computer. I have a valid license/product key, which Microsoft assures me will work with any installation CD. However, Microsoft doesn't have the ability to provide me a replacement CD, nor can I find a full retail package available anywhere. Unfortunately, Microsoft also doesn't provide an.iso file or installation package available for download ( at least that I'm aware of ). Does anyone have an.iso file of the installation CD to share, or would anyone be willing to create one from their own installation CD and share it?

I use Dropbox for large-file sharing, and I could easily download it from there. Some kind souls have suggested I copy the VFP 9.0 installation folders, along with C libraries to the new machine, but I feel more confident in a straightforward install that would correctly set registry values. My investment research and management business depends critically on VFP for storing company financial data and creating programs to investigate the efficacy of investment strategies based on those data.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 merupakan program aplikasi berbasis Windows versi terbaru dan menggunakan bahasa SQL. Software ini menguraikan secara bertahap dan rinci cara membuat aplikasi e-katalog dengan menggunakan Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9. Buku ini memuat banyak diagram, flowchart dan bagan agar pengguna dapat lebih mudah memahaminya. Oct 16, 2007  Download Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0. SP2 provides the latest updates to Visual FoxPro 9.0, including fixes to customer reported issues. The bug fix list for SP2 can be viewed or downloaded from this page.


I need a clean, comprehensive mission-critical install. Thanks for reading this message.

Baseball scouting report template. I hope someone can help me. Best regards, Scott Limpert. First of all, Welcome to Forums. First of all it's true you can copy over the VFP folder to a new machine, you don't need to be afraid to miss registration of important parts, as you can run VFP9.exe /regserver (in elevated mode or with UAC turned off) and it will register itself and associate file extensions. That wouldn't be illegal as the EULA doesn't bind you to one computer, just to one developer. Besides Berezniker has.reg file to associate.dbf to be opened in a current VFP IDE rather than a new one, whcih you could apply additionally.

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You'll find that at The only other things to copy over are Merge Modules and VFP runtimes, which are in C: Program Files (x86) Common Files Merge Modules and C: Program Files (x86) Common Files microsoft shared VFP Besides that install MSXML3 and 4, even if Win7 has newer versions already, they are needed for XML functions and XMLAdapter. About the legal side, I don't want to disbelieve you, but I can't really trust you, too. This could also be what someone writes to get a free CD of VFP. I couldn't verify your product key, if you posted it, even if you made a photo of your retail box etc. I couldn't take that as proof. And I assume that's also what Microsoft would say. Microsoft has an ISO file, because you can download the product via MSDN subscription.

So if you have a subscription, you can download that. Another thing you can try with your CD is to run it slower. I also had problems with audio CDs, because modern drives are too fast and their capability to read and write CD is a side feature to DVD or BluRay Disc handling today.