Simistornij Regulyator Napryazheniya Dlya Induktivnoj Nagruzki

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FIELD: electrical engineering. SUBSTANCE: device is, essentially, three-circuit automatic control system depending for its operation on slave control of.


Thyristor regulators (hereinafter - regulators) are designed for smooth adjustment of the lamps power, heaters and other types of loads. The temperature controller in a combination with regulator allows maintaining the temperature of the object with high accuracy. It is also possible to connect an external manual control or external adjustment of set the control parameters. Areas of application: metallurgy, food industry, drying, extrusion, heat treatment and melting glass, infrared equipment, semiconductors, petrochemicals, etc. Regulators TRM-1M and TRM -1 can be controlled manually using a potentiometer, as well as from any controller: 0-10V DC voltage ( 0-5V ) or 0-20mA current ( 4-20mA ), for example a temperature controller. Available modification with the control via RS-485 interface using the Modbus RTU protocol. use a work day to make usrcheat.dat has all nds hack roms! R4i gold usrcheatdat download. I use Drastic v2.5.0.4a no root.