Eurosec Pr5208 Rev10 User Manual

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• Downloaded from • Contents Introduction.1 Full Setting the System.1 Part Setting the System (using Part 1). • Introduction Welcome to the eurosec control panel. Your installation company will have programmed your system to protect your premises to the highest possible standards. Several user programmable options are available that will be covered later in this manual. Throughout this manual refer- ence will be made to the User Code, the factory set default is 5678. • Part Setting the System (using Part 1) Up to three Part Sets may be available for your system.

Please refer to the customer details at the rear of this manual for information about Part Set zones. Part Set zones will be omitted from the system when that particular Part Set is used. • Unsetting the System Enter the premises via an authorised Entry Point. The Entry Tone will sound. Proceed to the keypad and enter a valid User Code. Display After an Alarm After an alarm has occurred the system should be unset as above. The display will show the zone that caused the alarm.

• Programmable User Options Several user programmable options are available via user codes 1, 2 or 3. To use these options please continue below. Delete Zone Option This option allows individual zones to be deleted (omitted) when the system is being set. It is only applicable to the one Set state and will need to be repeated for subsequent Sets. • Press 0 twice the display will show for example:- Do You Want to. Press Full for Full Set Press Part for Part 1 Set Press 2 for Part 2 Set Press 3 for Part 3 Set The system will now start the relevant Set with the zones you deleted removed from the Set. • Violate each zone on the system (as you do so the display will show the violated zone) to verify its integrity.

To test the bells (external sounders) and strobe press 9. To stop the bell test press 9 again. To escape back to Unset press 0 three times. Keygen. Turning Chime On/Off Your installation company may have programmed a group of zones or a single zone as Chime. • Programming User Codes Up to nine user codes may be programmed on predetermined levels these are.

User Numbers 1 to 3 Master Level Allows Set, Part Set, Unset and User Programming Mode. User Numbers 4 to 7 User Level Allows Set, Part Set and Unset. User Numbers 8 to 9 Set Only Level Allows Set Only User Number 1 is factory default 5678. • Press No the display will show:- Do You Want to. Program Codes? Press Yes the display will show:- Select 1. 9 Press a single digit corresponding to the user number (1 to 9) that you wish to program.

The display will show for example:- Code # # # #. • Text is entered in a similar way that you would enter text on a mobile telephone.

Select characters from the list below:- YZ blank Enter the required character followed by Yes. Continue until you have enter eight characters.