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We are a member of the Don't ask what flashcart is best for playing DS games on the 3DS. You want the R4i 3DS Gold. What IS OK: • News about flash cartridges or similar technology (such as PSIO) • Questions, guides, and discussion about flash cartridges or similar technology • Links, questions, or discussion about homebrew and ROM hacks that can run on original hardware with the use of a flash cartridge • Homebrew development discussion and resources What is NOT OK: • Asking questions that have already been answered in the sidebar or threads less than 6 months old. The search box in the top right is your friend. • Links or requests for commercial ROM's. Crichton • Pictures of unicorns.

If they aren't real, then how do we know what they look like? This subreddit does not condone piracy of games which are still commercially available.

If you can still buy a game new on a consoles digital storefront or at Gamestop, please support the developers and publishers by purchasing it. Active dolls full version free download. Resources Retro flash carts, manufacturer's store for EverDrive brand carts (Ships from Ukraine) EverDrive and SD2SNES retailer (Ships from U.S.) (Ships from U.S.) (Sells DS and GBA flash carts. Ships from U.S.) (These guys make the 'R4i Gold 3DS RTS' card that is frequently recommended here) For other relevant console and hacking communities check out.

Jan 17, 2018  Pokemoner.com use a work day to make usrcheat.dat has all nds hack roms! I use Drastic v2.5.0.4a no root. How to Add get usrcheat.dat has available.