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And there is no guarantee that the.cue files you get online will actually match all your filenames inside the.cue file. If your file is alundra.bin for instance, but inside the.cue file it has Alundra! (U).bin (or your.cue file is not even named alundra.cue), then you'd have to edit the file manually to match your.bin file. That defeats the whole purpose of what my one-liner tries to do (which is to save an enormous amount of time). The name of the.cue file, and the.bin that is listed inside the.cue file MUST match your.bin file or else it won't work.

So downloading a bunch of.cue files from a site may leave you with numerous broken.cue files that need to be cleaned up by hand. Yeah, seems to be down right now, bummer. And your script would be a good time saver but only for users that have saved all their PSX images without.cue files (which I think is a bad practice but whatever floats your boat). If you'd properly store your PSX images you'd only have to obtain.cue files for exceptional cases which would make the lookup online (and possible name adjustment) a reasonable time investment. Btw does your script overwrite any pre-existing.cue files? If so, would be good to add a check for that.

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Download a little program called the Sega Cue Sheet Maker. Cue sheets are generally different for different games and different rips.

Maybe those emulators recognize this and have a workaround. It would require an entire database for the emulator to look up the information for each game, there is no way to figure it out automatically using only the.bin file (at least none that wouldn't require a significant amount of work/performance). Wikipedia seems to have a list of games that feature additional audio tracks though I don't know how extensive it is (I know at least two games that are not included so I guess its a bit lacking) -> Plus, most games only used it for background music (in the menus or while you're playing) so if you never played the game on the console itself you probably wouldn't even notice that something was missing. I've played about 4 of the games on that list: Castlevania SOTN (probably one of my facotire psx games of all), Breath of Fire III, Mega Man Legends, and Tekken. I could probably make a script to account for just multi-track files.