Alien Shooter 3d Java Game 320x240

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Thousands of bloodthirsty monsters have filled the base of offices, warehouses and research laboratories. You mission is simple: destroy the monsters by any means necessary. You have an unlimited amount of explosives, large quantity of arms and all kinds of equipment. This is Alien! They must die! You only get one chance, you have to use it! The fate of all humanity depends on you!

Key Features: - 3D graphics of all kinds of mobile. - The completion of a 3D space.

- 11 levels of enthralling game. - 5 types of weapons (pistols, machine guns 5, guns, bazookas, flamethrowers, plasma shooter). - Application of photo-realistic technology structures. Feig obid usb driver download

Jan 10, 2016 - Big collection of 320x240 java game mobile games java for phone and tablet. Explode 320x240. Games, themes. The Missions 3D (320x240)(S60v3)' JAVA Game, 'Alien. JAVA Game, 'Alien Shooter 3. Feb 25, 2010  Gameplay z gry Java 'Alien Shooter 3D'. Jej recenzje znajdziecie na stronie

- 3D Textures roof and floor. - Effects of light (flashes, blinking, darkening, basement darkness and daylight). - Roofing multilevel. - The application of Z dimension (staircases, lifts vertical displacement). - 3D heights system implementation (volumes, multilevel space, stairs, ascents and descents).

- Post and Construction Technology Building. - The implementation of room length estimation with respect to volume isometric. - Darkening of the prospect of deep space and room. - original logic of enemies (tracking, searching, escaping, attacking, destroying). - Monitoring of all types of bullets.

- 3D map levels.