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I know I could watch Samurai Jack online for free, then probably download each new episode in HD the day following a premier. The cost is negligible. But I don't do that bullshit. I prefer to pay for my entertainment because I can choose the platform I consume it. Dropping $20 or $50 for a season is alright in contrast to the money I spend on my monthly cable bill.


Also, I can stream it whenever I want. I could do the same pirated copies, but the only reason I'd pirate anything is because I can't pay for it; as in I can't find a place that sells something I want.

You're not wrong to say that people pirate because it's free. There's someone like that in my house, but I don't hold it against them. It is what it is. Sidenote: A buddy of mine spends a colossal amount of hours watching anime online (illegitimately) and went as far as creating an expansive schedule to view vids as they are uploaded. This fool keeps a notebook around to remind himself what to watch and continually updates his logs. However, my buddy still buys the discs of the series he wants.

This is in spite of his financial situation being 'Welp, I gotta delay some essentials'. Carefully planning ahead nd frugally examining spending/income is what earns the cash to buy things.

Point his, my buddy is trying to show appreciation to the creators even though the cost of buying is heavy. It's his hobby. Much more difficult.It literally takes five seconds to Google a shows name plus the word stream and find a working stream.

There are apps that pride themselves on cataloging streamable episodes available on the app store for crying out loud. Read the thread plenty of people live in places with no access to Amazon streaming etc and simply don't know how to legally get the show. Don't get me wrong I know most pirating is done to avoid paying I'm just saying that isn't the case for everyone. I'm not here to read the thread for you, the very chain we are in has two mentions of this exact issue and that's just this chain. And no it's not difficult to find a stream my dad does it and he's beyond technologically impaired, anyone with a working brain can find a stream using google, or a highly rated app and they usually have every show regardless of network so you don't have to check which service has which particular show for streaming. This argument is pretty pointless, people in this thread are supporting my point by A. Movie in hindi 2017. Not being aware the show was even on Amazon or B.

Living in places where the show is not available to stream. I'm not sure why you're insisting on a blanket statement here they are almost always wrong when describing groups of people.