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•: June 12, 2007 •: July 6, 2007 Mode(s) Scarface: The World Is Yours is a 2006 developed by for, and published. Download game onet untuk hp samsung android. In 2007, a version with enhanced was released for the.

An version was also being developed, but was cancelled. The game is not a direct adaptation of the directed by, but is instead a pseudo-sequel which changes the ending of the film so that (originally played by ) survives, and sets about exacting revenge on those who ousted him from power by re-establishing his drug empire in. The game features Al Pacino's likeness in the character of Montana, but Pacino does not the character, as he and the game's producers felt his voice had changed too much since 1983. Instead, Montana is voiced by, who was personally selected by Pacino himself. Actors from the original film who did voice work for the game include,. The game received mixed to positive reviews, with many critics comparing it favorably to both 2002's (which itself was influenced by the Scarface film ) and 2004's. It was also praised for maintaining the tone of the film, for its humor, and for the accuracy of the depiction of Montana himself.


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The game was also a commercial success, selling over one and a half million units across all platforms. The from the Wii version of Scarface. On the left is the, currently selected weapon, and cash Montana has laundered. On the right is the amount of cocaine Montana currently possesses and his dirty cash, which he has yet to place in the bank. To the right again are Montana's and rage meter (the outer white circle). Scarface is an played from a, in which the player controls as he attempts to regain control of 's, destroy rival, and restore his own reputation in the.

Combat [ ] The basic and fall into the subgenre of. As such, Montana can commandeer vehicles (cars and boats), can move around the map on foot, can interact with civilians and both hostile and non-hostile, can engage in primary and sub-missions, and can wield a variety of weaponry;,,,, a, a, a, and various melee weapons, such as pipes. In a departure from most -style games, Montana cannot kill innocent people.

If the player tries to shoot a non-aggressive target, Montana will refuse; if the player tries to hit an innocent person with a car, they will only be injured. However, as the game progresses, the player acquires access to some of Montana's employees; a driver, a boat pilot, a weapons dealer, an enforcer and an. When these employees have been unlocked, the player can switch control from Montana to any one of them (except the weapons dealer), and when playing as the enforcer or the assassin, the player can kill innocent people. When shooting, the player can lock on to the enemy or can aim manually, hitting specific body parts to produce different reactions. For example, if Montana shoots an opponent in the leg, they will fall down, but will continue to fire. If he hits an opponent in the arm, they will remain on their feet, but their aim will be compromised.

Hitting opponents by aiming manually earns Montana more ' than using the lock-on system. Earning balls fills the 'Balls meter,' which is an essential component of combat in the game. Once the meter is full, 'Blind Rage' mode becomes available. In this mode, the game switches to and goes into, aim becomes automatic, the player acquires infinite ammo and doesn't have to reload their weapon, and each enemy killed earns Montana. Montana can also acquire balls by taunting defeated opponents, insulting drivers who have hit his car, winning, completing missions, and having conversations with random people.