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*COMPATIBLE WITH FSX AND P3D (up to v3)!* The long-awaited new product from Flight Sim Labs, has been released and is now available for electronic purchase and immediate download! Offering the *easiest-to-fly* but also *most complete* Concorde aircraft simulation ever to be produced for a desktop flight simulator, the Concorde-X has arrived to set new standards with its amazingly accurate systems, stunning photo-realistic graphics, vigorously detailed external model and virtual cockpit, and a fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience! Look at the for a summary of what the all-new Concorde-X has to offer. Click the thumbnails on the left to view the Concorde-X screenshots we have prepared for you and don’t forget to take a look on the detailed description section below for a more detailed look into how Flight Sim Labs managed to break the FSX barrier and produce the best aircraft addon yet to reach your PC! Notes: • Now compatible with the following simulator platforms: • Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Service Pack 2 (SP2) / Acceleration (XPack) / Steam Edition • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.5 / v3.X (up to v3.4.22.19868) – v4 is NOT supported! • You will need NVidia drivers 376.33 or older, if you are using Prepar3D v3.4.22.19868 due to a limitation in the Prepar3D graphics code causing DXGI errors. • Note that only latest versions of flight simulators are supported • Activation of this product takes place automatically if your PC is connected to the Internet, or using a manual process if you wish to run the product offline on a separate computer.

The computer running the Concorde-X is required to be connected to the Internet for periodic serial number revalidation. • Make backups of the installer executable immediately after you download. We offer 365 days of unlimited redownloads for all purchases. • FSX ONLY: If your download service has expired, you can now renew your order for $4.99 by clicking. • Images shown may include third party products such as Tomatoshade, GSX etc.

I purchased the Concorde-X more than a year ago but I’ve lost my installer! What do I do? *FSX ONLY* We are now offering a redownload service for your electronic purchase, for a nominal price. You need to have your original serial number after you purchase the redownload. For more information and to buy this service, please click our. The installer needs my Serial Number to continue, but I can’t find it!

Please look at your purchase receipt – the Serial Number is in big bold letters and starts with “CONCORDEX-” for FSX versions or “CONCX-P3D-” for P3D versions. If you don’t have your purchase receipt in your email inbox, double-check your spam folder. If you’ve lost or can’t find it, visit the to have it emailed to you. I heard that the Concorde-X product requires activation. What do I have to do? You shouldn’t have to do anything to activate your Concorde-X product – the activation mechanism should be transparent to you as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. If the Concorde-X loads properly and you can fly, then you can be assured the activation has already taken place.

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I get an error “loading CIVAC.gau” and then the sim closes. As per the instructions in the manual and the readme file, you need to install the SimuFly CIVA-C freeware gauge. You can find and download it clicking link.

My computer crashes when I first run the Concorde-X. You have read the Readme file that shows up after the installation is complete, right? You *have* made sure you’ve installed the SimuFly CIVA INS, right?

If you have, and you still experience crash issues, then read on: A small percentage of users are reporting a Flight Simulator X crash to desktop when they try to run the Concorde for the first time and the activation mechanism kicks in. The reason for this has to do with FSX (and Vista / Win2008) not properly handling the security facility called “Data Execution Prevention” (DEP for short). There are several crashes reported on various flight sim-related news sites, related to FSX and DEP – the solution is always the same: The user has to disable DEP entirely, to run FSX properly.

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For further details and a step-by-step guide on how to solve this problem, please follow Lefteris’ blog entry. I am getting texture corruption and/or disappearing aircraft parts. FSX has a known bug with disappearing textures when it becomes overloaded with textures requests from the combination of scenery and aircraft parts. Thanks to Jesus Altuve who found this undocumented HIGHMEMFIX entry in fsx.cfg, it’s now possible to work around and resolve this bug. Flight Sim Labs produced a utility to fix the problem permanently in your FSX installation – you can find this utility.