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Save your tears for the day when our pain is far behind. On your feet! Swift Come with me, we are soldiers stand or die. This map was a collaboration with Hourglass; he did most of the gameplay. We passed this back and forth several times and I think you all are really gonna enjoy it.

It has spacing or obstacles that you require some more creative strats to SS cleanly and quickly. At the same time, we were also careful not to overuse any gimmicks and a lot of things only appear in the map once or twice. Supers are disabled: we agree it plays better without them and I didn't want to make compromises to force the player to use a super just to avoid cheesing another section. If you're curious about the theme, I re-watched Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex when I moved to Japan. This map is named after the crazy iconic ending theme 'Lithium Flower'. It also features literal virtual flowers lol, wow such deep. This map is based on GitS in general and dedicated to the memory of Origa.

Shame about that terrible live-action movie that just came out. Recommended Music: Or This: Or literally anything in the GitS OST.

Download Yoko Kanno Rise

Yoko Kanno composed the music for all of the opening and closing themes for Ghost in the. The opening theme for Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG is 'Rise',. Download Download Inner Universe Yoko Kanno Mp3 Mp3, Save as Mp3 Download. Artist: Origa Song: Rise i do not own any of this video or music lyrics: Im.