Punjabi Gidha Boliyan Lyrics

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Boliyan Book is creating a buzz! Not only does the song book clearly list the wedding events that make up a Punjabi wedding, it also tells you which songs and boliyan to sing and how to sing them using your English pronunciation! Yes, you no longer need to worry about anything, apart from having the time of your life at your family member’s or friend’s wedding! Boliyan Book is setting a trend by being the first of its kind created for the new generation of Punjabis living all around the world, a generation which is well integrated into the western world but concerned about preserving their culture and passing it on to their children in the future. Mp3 rock barat 90an0535 video.

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Boliyan Book is something to make our parents feel proud of. It is symbolic of the preservation and the togetherness of a Punjabi family, mixing the old with the new so that every one of all ages can truly come together, share that much more and have more fun at weddings.

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