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If you’re looking for something a little different on your TV, foreign shows are readily available on our streaming services. But don’t be put off by the subtitles — otherwise, you could be missing out on some excellent programming. Has more than its share of worthwhile TV shows with subtitles — whether they’re American shows that are set around the world or foreign shows that have come to our digital shores. You can even change the settings for the ones that have English-dubbed tracks to revert them back to their beautiful native tongue. While choosing to watch TV with subtitles allows for the optimal experience — immersing you in another culture through its language while you appreciate the actor’s actual performance — there’s one other benefit as well. Reading subtitles requires that you put down your phone and therefore truly focus on and revel in the series in front of you. So turn on your nearest widescreen and check out the best TV shows with subtitles that Netflix has to offer: “3%” Premise: In a dystopian future, the majority of Brazil’s population lives in scarcity and squalor.

May 10, 2017 - Netflix has more than its share of worthwhile TV shows with subtitles. You can even change the settings for the ones that have English-dubbed tracks to revert. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

At the age of 20, though, each person has a chance to pass the Process, a series of intense and competitive tests that will allow a mere 3 percent to leave their old lives behind and enjoy the privileged comforts of the place called Offshore. A rebellion known as the Cause has emerged, however, intent on taking down the entire system that has created such an unbalanced society. Why You Should Watch: While it shares some of the YA hallmarks of post-apocalyptic fare like the “Divergent” series or “The Hunger Games,” it feels far more realistic and possible and therefore frightening. Every episode seems to present a new surprise, even as we slowly get to learn the backstories of each of the compelling candidates. One particularly still haunts us to this day. It’s a damn good thing that Netflix has already ordered a second season.

“Cable Girls (Las Chicas de Cable)”. “Cable Girls” Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix Premise: Set in Spain in 1928, young women vie for the opportunity to work in the new national telephone company headquartered in Madrid. We follow four of the girls who become “cable girls,” aka switchboard operators. By far the most colorful has to be Alba, a woman with a mysterious past who is blackmailed by a cop to steal from the very building that she now works in.

Why You Should Watch: This is not any boring story of drudgery. The first 15 minutes alone gives you just a taste of the scheming, betrayal, murder, sexual tension and intrigue that is in store. Add to that a heist plot, an underlying theme about women’s rights and fantastic ’20s flapper garb, and you have the equivalent of a dinner of champagne and fruit — fun and borderline decadent, but not too heavy. “Chef’s Table” Se young.

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