Tokai Love Rock No Serial Number

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Help I'm going to get a money order today for a stunning gold top MIK Tokai love rock The thing has been stripped and rebuilt with graphite nut,Gibson Burstbuckers in both positions,bridge,pots etc. Here's the kicker,the gentleman cannot find a serial # anywhere.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. I have a chance to pick up a Tokai Love Rock cheap for $400. Its a cherry burst, set neck Les Paul copy with the open book headstock. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to date these? Is there something to look for in the serial number?

I can't date it,,it clearly states made in korea as you can see. He's had it apart and can't find a number.

What would you do?? My guitarist is jonesing for this axe bad! And I'm committed to buying it so far.$500 shipping paid. Yano I don't wanna believe somebody would go through the trouble of painting a made in korea emblem on the back of the headstock.? Maybe a made in japan,,,it looks totally authentic n the pics and the gentleman selling it is a individual and very kind and honest,,he says the guiatr i just beautiful throughout and the pics in full size verify this,,but without being able to actually hold it,I get skeptical. Yeah that 335 copy is a beaut.I hve a GSC 335 copy that is lacking a serial number as well.I installed a burstbucker in the neck and a PRS double dragon2 in the bridge.she's getting alot of use in our studio,,,sounds awesome through the TWIN here. I'd consider buying a bigsby like yours for it,it's that nice.

Yeah I'm certain it's a Korean model and therefore worth 500 bucks,especially with all the upgrades.It clearly says made in Korea. Zindagani banaya hai tujhe mp3 song download. I was referring to the fact that somebody painting a fake 'made in' tag on a guitar would be a more sought after place like Japan,rather than Korea. I'm just baffled as to the absence of a serial number,,,maybe somebody with a MIK can help attest to this fact. I just wish she still had the P90 in her,,the creamy white vintage look and sound is what I'm gunnin for,we do the blues. It looks like mahogany from the rear pics,,,,so hopefully I don't get a plank of laminated plywood,and a mahogany veneer. Download game java real football manager 2015 untuk hp nokia android. The burstbuckers are to my knowledge a V alnico close to the P90's,maybe just a tad bit hotter.??

**************** it's gotta be better than a epi. This is a Korean Tokai LoveRock Gold Top that has been rebuilt from the ground up. Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickups out of an 06 Les Paul Standard New vintage Klusion tuners New pots, switch and orange drop caps - wired using Les Paul wiring scheme New Tone Pros bridge Graphite nut Set up to Les Paul specs by one of Athens' best techs. This puppy sounds good and hot, yet rolls off to nice creamy goodness when the tone knobs are turned down. Has the 60s set neck, cream binding around the body and neck. Dark brown body.

That's the description from the seller,,nice guy,I talked to him in depth about it,,then commited to buy. Somebody help push me over the edge and just mail the damned MO.come on!!