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Feb 25, 2017 - Adobe Premiere Pro is powerful non-linear video editing program, but did you know that it can do all sorts of cool things with your video? Beginner tips for Premiere Pro. Learn tips for getting your video out of Premiere Pro, including exporting still frames, queuing multiple video exports in Adobe Media Encoder, adding a timecode overlay, and publishing videos directly to your Adobe Creative Cloud folder or on social media.

The 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 versions of my presets have been downloaded more than 375,000 times, and are used daily by documentary film editors, wedding video makers, students, broadcast companies, and even Hollywood. Now, you can download version 4.0 for Premiere Pro CC 2018, with even more cool and useful presets. I’ve included the Deadpool presets for Handheld Camera, more Audio presets, and more compositing tools. All presets using obsolete effects have been replaced by new ones using the new effects.

Now there are 106 presets in total! Most presets from earlier are still included. You’ll get lots of Color Grading presets, including several “Looks” presets for Bleach Bypass, Teal & Orange, Sepia, Color Negative, Cross Process and many more. In addition, there are LOG to LIN presets for Alexa, Canon Cinestyle for DSLRs and for Sony F3, some scaling tools for HD to SD, 1080 to 720 etc., and some useful Compositing tools like Dynamic Garbage Matte, and some cool Miscellaneous presets.

Most of the presets have tool tips so when you hover over them you’ll get info about how to use them. For example, the “Blooming Highlights” preset says “ Use on Adjustment Layer. Keys out the highlights and blurs them. Also sets Adjustment Layer to Screen mode”. Win32 disk imager portable.

Download these Premiere Pro CC 2018 presets now – they’re free!