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#663 Ahaha this is awesome and terrible at the same time! The game runs smoothly on Average or possibly Good (15 or 20 keyframes/sec, respectively). But the latency is pretty bad. Wake up games consist of deciding what your opponent is going to do and pressing the right buttons before you or your opponent even gets up! I think it's better on Excellent (30 keyframes/sec), even though the game runs slower and the sound g g g g o o o o e e e e s s s s.

L l l l i i i i k k k k e e e e. T t t t h h h h i i i i s s s s.

Casio L-750G manual, Casio L-7000 manual, Casio LP-70 manual, Casio etc. Casio manuals user's guide.

But because the game runs slower, the latency is shorter in game time, so parrying and stuff is not so silly. Honestly, it's not nearly as good as real, latency-free 3s, but it's still fun. On August 18 2007 15:21 CharlieMurphy wrote: You played too haji? We are trying to play windjammers now, this game owns. Lol * DEEZY joined the game's partyline! Hi hi you gay? * DEEZY left the game's partyline.

Noobs trying to join our game! Windjammers was awesome! Lol @ the quote Haji you live closer to me than Spor, I think. We should play sometime.

Anyone else wanna play some fun games later today? Setup instructions: 1. Download and unzip MAME++ with Kaillera, v0.118u1 here: (direct link: ) (v0.118u2 is out now too, I notice) You can unzip it into your current mame32 folder if you want. If you can't unzip it, then get the latest version of WinRAR to unzip it. Find and download sfiii3.zip.

It should contain the following: 10 20 30 31 33s000.chd 40 41 50 51 60 61 sf33usa.bin If any of the files are missing, DL them and add them to the.zip file. Place the.zip file in your mame32 'roms' folder.

Download sfiii3n.zip and place it in your 'roms' folder as well. This allows you to play the 'JAPAN 990512 NO CD' version. You can get it from this zip file here: It should contain the file 'sfiii3_japan_nocd.29f400.u2'. Run mameppkgui.exe.

Audit all games. Now you should see TWO Third Strike roms available.

One will say '(USA 990512)' at the end and the other will say '(JAPAN 990512 NO CD)'. The former corresponds to sfiii3.zip and the latter corresponds to sfiii3n.zip. If you don't see the NO CD one, make sure you aren't filtering out clones (to fix this, try going to Options -> Reset Defaults and reset the UI and folder filters). I've heard the game de-syncs if you play full-screen, so right-click on the rom, choose 'cp3s.c Properties', go to Display, and enable Run in a Window.

Now run the NO CD version to make sure everything is working OK and set up your controls. Exit the game and return to mame.

Go to File -> Netplay (or whatever it's called). Allow most of the servers to refresh. Pick one with a low ping and click Connect. The rest should be straightforward.

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