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Born in Mysore, Karnataka in India on June 12th 1985, was a notable producer and actor in the South Indian film industry. Sunil adopted the stage name Krishna, and most people remember him because of his stage name. Krishna mainly was an actor and acted in popular films and serials in Sandalwood industry.

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Krishna and rukmini story

Kannada actors/ actresses list Kannada actors/ actresses list. Darshan Thoogudeepa Ganesh Puneet Rajkumar.

He became a familiar face on TV with the famous serial,. Krishna held a degree in MBA, and his father worked as a police officer. Krishna’s father’s name was Nagappa, and they belonged to Sakleshpur, a town in Karnataka. Krishna came from a non-acting background as none of his parents were in this business. Still, his acting skills and talent made him reach this far. Krishna had an inclination towards acting since he was young and decided to pursue his passion by starting acting in daily soaps.

Krishna became famous because of his part in the Kannada TV program, Krishna Rukmini. Krishna Rukmini used to broadcast on Suvarna TV channel and narrated the love story of Krishna and Rukmini and their attempts to make their relationship better. Krishna and Rukmini were total opposites but still they tried everything to maintain a stable relationship. This show received a great response from the viewers.

After the success of this TV serial, Krishna worked in plenty of Kannada movies. He started by working in the department of direction in the film, ‘’, which released in the year 2010. After that, he got to play a small role in the movie, ‘’ (2011).

This flick narrated the story of three young guys who aspire to become something and move to Dubai, but their life takes a turn for the worse. Krishna’s first prominent role came with the flick, ‘Madrangi’, produced by Krishna’s father, ‘Nagappa’. This film did good numbers at the box-office. After that, Krishna never looked back and went ahead to act in movies like Nam Duniya Nam Style, Hai Krishna, Rudra Tandava, and ‘’.

He played pivotal roles in these movies and rose to the pinnacle of fame. However, his success was short-lived as he was stabbed to death in the year 2015. It was because of some personal rivalry between Krishna and his friends. Krishna went to a temple with his family, and his mother was praying in Maramma temple while his friends murdered him. Krishna didn’t share a good relationship with his murderer friends because of some financial clashes between them. In 2014, a case also got registered against Krishna for trying to kill a friend of him. But soon he got the bail.

Krishna had a total of eight cases filed against him.

Amruthavarshini is a story which revolves around a soft and conservative girl Amrutha, who gets married to a member of the rich Desai Family Vijay, and adapts herself to the situation as time proceeds. Her sister Varsha, who is also married to another member of the Desai Family and her step mother are always trying to pull her down while mother-in law Shakuntala, supports her stay in the family. Most of the action in this story takes place in the kitchen which looks very unrealistic. Moreover, Ravi R Garani who is the creator of his serial does not make is as humorous as his other serials. Even though Amrutha is constantly 'bullied' by her step-mother and sister, she still believes that they are right and dances according to their tune.

She never back-answers to them. This also adds to the unrealistic part of the plot. With all these short-comings, Hema Chaudhary and other cast play and excellent role in this soap. For all the action that is taking place in the kitchen of Desai Family, the serial is ranked FIFTH in the list. TOP 4 - RADHA KALYANA (ZEE KANNADA). Vishal is lured to visit Govardhangiri by his family, in the hope of finding him a bride in the holy pilgrimage town.

Vishal comes to Madhurapura from London and falls in love with Radhika at the very first sight. His feelings are reinforced after he sees her on several other occasions.

Radhika, at her end, feels the same love for Vishal, but refuses to accept it herself. Vishal’s search for Radhika’s identity ends with a switch of identity where he is told that the girl he is in love with is Vishaka.

Joint families are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The women folk in the family are always blamed for being the catalyst for disintegrating a united family. This is a story which came as a revolutionizing factor for this concept. Sose Tanda Sowbhagya is a story that revolves around two women, Keerthi (Gayithri) who is trying to keep her mother's brother's family united and Anjali, who is hell bent upon dividing the family. Anjali enters the family as Gayithri, and marries Keshava and grabs the sympathy of the family by misusing their innocence.