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Definition It is illegal in Nevada to possess or sell fake Identification for fraudulent purposes. In Las Vegas, common fake ID cases involve minors using doctored driver's licenses to buy alcohol or undocumented citizens using counterfeit green cards to gain employment. Penalties Fake ID punishments vary depending on the circumstances of the case: Possession of Fake ID offense Sentence Possession of a fake ID to drink, gamble, or buy cigarettes (NRS 205.460): • Up to 6 months in jail, and/or • Up to $1,000 3 Selling or giving away a fake ID to drink, gamble, or buy cigarettes (NRS 205.460): • Up to 364 days in jail, and/or • Up to $2,000 in fines Possessing false identification to establish a fake identity (NRS 205.465): A first-time offense is usually probationable. Las Vegas courts see several fake ID cases by people otherwise ineligible to gamble or drink. What are fake IDs in Nevada?

Like it sounds, a fake ID is a counterfeit or altered identification document, such as a,,, or membership card. It is illegal for someone to have or sell any form of personal identification in order to pass him/herself or someone he/she is not.


It is becoming easier for people to create convincing-looking fake identification cards. Would-be forgers can turn to the black market to find materials for making fake IDs, such as 'blanks' )laminates with a hologram that typically encase driver's licenses). And/or they may try to bribe employees at the, military bases, the, or banks to get these materials.

Some IDs are obviously fake. For instance, the person's height does not match the height on the ID. Or the person looks too young for the birthday on the ID.

But many merchants simply do not have the skills to detect a fake card, or they neglect to do the math to determine whether the ID-holder is old enough. What are the penalties for fake ID offenses in Nevada?

The punishment for violating Nevada fake ID laws depends on two variables: • whether the defendant tried to sell the fake ID, and • the defendant's purpose in having the fake ID Note that the D.A. May be willing to the charge down to a lesser offense or possibly a dismissal. Punishments for possessing fake IDs Possession of Fake ID conviction Penalties Possessing a fake ID to make the holder appear old enough to gamble, drink, or buy cigarettes (NRS 205.460) Misdemeanor: • Up to 6 months in jail, and/or • Up to $1,000 3 Possessing false identification for the purpose of establishing a fake identity (and not for the purpose of, debit or, or online fraud) (NRS 205.465) Category E felony: • 1 - 4 years in prison • up to $5,000 (at the judge's discretion) However, the judge typically grants probation with no jail for a first-time conviction. Possessing an ID for the purpose of forgery, debit or credit card fraud, or online fraud (NRS 205.465) Category C felony: • 1 - 10 years in prison • up to $10,000 (at the judge's discretion) 4 2.2. Common defenses to false ID cases is 1) no fraudulent intent, and 2) police misconduct • No intent to defraud • Police misconduct Note that prosecutors have the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a defendant may be convicted at trial. The defense attorney's job is to try to show the prosecutor that their evidence is too insufficient, inaccurate, or unreliable to sustain a guilty verdict.