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Digitech GSP2101 FAQ & Upgrade Page Dieter 's GSP 2101 Pages FAQ & Upgrade Page last update: 2010-01-03 I need an upgrade!!! FAQs & Upgrades Artist Firmware upgrade and other parts at my now!!! Q: What are the differences between the GSP 2101, GSP2101 Artist, GSP 2101 Limited Edition and GSP 2101 Artist Pro? A: All version have nearly identical circuitry. Hardware is electronically and mechanically nearly the same.

If you upgrade to 3.00.00.a or 3.00.a firmware, the only difference will be the face plate. You can check! Here you can see one example of one of the first hardware versions: You can check the different face plate versions. While the GSP2101 and the GSP2101 Artist came with Penta Tubes the GSP 2101 Limited Edition and GSP 2101 Artist Pro came with Groove Tubes: Q: What was the latest (and final) firmware version for the GSP 2101 (and variants)? A: Version 3.00.a and 3.00.00.a was the latest and final firmware version. Q: Can I upgrade my Digitech GSP 21 01 (Artist, LE, Pro) to the latest firmware version?

Join us at the the London Tester Gathering Workshops on October 16-17th! If you want to be one of them this year, contact us on +44 207 183 9040 or take a. Apr 24, 2015 - In fact, with an ISP tool the intrepid hacker can update the firmware to the. When I put in Darlington transistor on V2.07 software it gives about.

A: Yes, you can upgrade ANY GSP2101 to the latest and final firmware version. You also can upgrade with the PPC-210 and you can upgrade to 20MHz cycle frequency! It doesn't matter which GSP2101 (Artist, LE, Pro) you've got. If you have further questions! If you want to buy the upgrade visit my!

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Q: Which benefits do I get by installing the 3.00.00.a or 3.00.a firmware? A: The 3.00.00 is the same as the 3.00 firmware. It is called 'Artist-Firmware'.

What '.a' you'll read below. After the upgrade you will have the following benefits if you currently have firmware-version lower than 2.00.00: • Firmware version 3.00 supports the PPC-210. • Firmware version 3.00 includes algorithms for the PPC-210 usage. • Fixed memory problem resulting from MIDI program change commands. • Smoother Wah-Wah. • Quick access to CC links (press/hold MIDI button) • Other misc bugs solved.

• NOTE: Bulk SysEx MIDI data dumps are incompatible between versions 2.xx.xx and previous versions. However, individual program dumps are still compatible. After the upgrade you will have the following benefits if you currently have a firmware-version lower than 2.05.05 or 2.55: • Smoother Wah-Wah. • New Presets created by popular guitarists and bassists.

• Improved tuner with dropped tunings. • New smooth whammy with polyphonic shifting. • Improved chromatic pitch shifter user configurable algorithms.

• Extensive preamp featuring two 12AX7 tubes and 3 solid state distortions. • Upgradeable with a PPC-210 expander for seamless program changes. • New programmable speaker simulation. • Improved C-1 programming interface (using links). • Added MIDI command to help facilitate programming an editor librarian. • Added utility feature to alter the Program/Bank/Tuner and bypass footswitches on the C-1. After the upgrade you will have the following benefits if you currently have a firmware-version lower than 3.00.00 or 3.00: • Some bug fixes • Intelligent pitch shifting Q: How can I find out the installed firmware version of my GSP 21 01 (Artist, LE, Pro)?

A: Execute these steps: - switch off the GSP2101 - switch on the GSP2101 while watching the display. - The firmware-version is shown there while boot up. There is shown: '2.01.01.a.' Or '2.55.a' That means: The '2.01.01' or '2.55' indicates your firmware-version.


The '.a' at the end of the firmware-version describes, if your GSP2101 runs with 20MHz cycle frequency or not. If you have a '.a' at the end of the firmware-version the Z80 (the Z80 is the main-processor of your 2101) works with 20 MHz. If you have no '.a' at the end of the firmware-version the Z80 works with 10 MHz only. I always recommend upgrading to firmware-version 3.00.00.a or 3.00.a. With this firmware you'll get the best out of your GSP 2101! Q: Where can I get a firmware-upgrade (3.00.a or 3.00.00.a) for my GSP 21 01 (Artist, LE, Pro)?

I have it available! The upgrade comes with a very detailed installation manual in English or German! If you want to buy the upgrade directly visit my! Q: Will I lose my presets after installing the 3.00 or 3.00.00 firmware or the 20MHz upgrade in my GSP2101? A: Yes, because after installing you have to execute a hard reset. If you want to keep them, consider a bulk MIDI dump or individual program dump.