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To perform a Meta analysis, RevMan is just a tool. There are a lot of works to be done prior to enter the information including data into the RevMan.

RevMan facilitates preparation of protocols and full reviews.3.3 Review Manager (RevMan) is The Cochrane Collaboration’s software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane reviews. Conventions Conventions used in this user guide. But is focuses primarily on Cochrane Intervention reviews because these are by far the most common. Review Manager Revman, free review manager revman software downloads, Page 3.

Considerable time needs to be spent on the literature search. Since the data used in Meta analyses relies on the publications, some data needs to be converted first. For example, for outcomes measured in continuous variable, the published article may only provide the Standard Error or just the 95% confidence interval.

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The SE can be easily converted to the Standard Deviation by multiplying the square root of the sample size. If only the 95% confidence interval is available, the standard deviation can be approximated by normal approximation using upper bound = mean +/- 1.96 * SE. Thanks so much for your help! I will contact them to be sure.

Another question: Between SAS, Stata, RevMan and SPSS (I know there is SPSS macros for meta-analysis) which would you most recommend for an easy interface and completeness? I picked Revman because it was free and connected to Cochrane.I have the basic SPSS and can use it relatively easily. I am not as familiar with SAS and Stata. I heard of MIX as well which has scored high on usability and completeness. Generally I am looking for something that's cheap enough that maybe I can convince my school to fund and will be worth it. What do you think? Anonymous said.

Hello, I read your useful comments and I took the liberty to ask you something. I’m going to carried out a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of an intervention program both comparing pre and post treatment outcomes and the specific program with a control one. I was thinking to use the RevMan, however I’m not sure a) if RevMan calculate effect sizes and b) if it is appropriate for both type of effect sizes I need (pre-post contrasts and group contrasts). If not which meta-analytic software would you suggest? Thank you in advance!