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Command Trim in AutoCAD allows you to trim extra pieces of object (line, segment, circle, shading, etc.), acting for the main circuit (forming a line) drawing. Trim command in addition to the 2D design in AutoCAD is also used in 3D modeling.

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Pruning Avtokad object by specifying the object and the cutting edge of the part after the intersection with the edge to be removed. As objects in AutoCAD pruning (cutting edge) can be: • direct; • segments; • rays; • circle; • arc; • ellipses; • elliptical arcs; • 2D polyline; • 3D polylines; • splines; • area; • text objects; • border floating viewports; • hatch; • blocks. Trim in AutoCAD You can not all of the objects, but only: • infinite construction lines (straight lines and rays); • segments; • circle; • arc; • ellipses; • elliptical arcs; • 2D polyline; • 3D polylines; • splines; • hatching.

Advice Do not try to carry out trimming in AutoCAD analyzing processes the following: arrays, blocks, groups, text. First, they should break up into its constituent objects! Trim command in AutoCAD often used editing team therefore analyze in detail its functionality in this article. Call the Trim command in AutoCAD, use one of the following methods: • Modify from the menu line - line Trim; • Home tab of the ribbon tools - in the Modify group - Button Trim; • on the Modify toolbar - Button Trim; • or to register the team name on the command line Trim. Note Trim, since version AutoCAD 2002 is actually combined with the Extend command.

After running the command Crop (Trim), you can also extend the facilities to selected cutting edges, keeping klavashi Shift and selecting objects that are subject to elongation. How to make a frame A4 vertical and stamp for drawing in AutoCAD model I hope I have the full answer to the question: 'How to cut objects (lines) in AutoCAD?' - Now we will practice on the use of editing commands. Let us learn to trim AutoCAD to generate a frame A4 vertical and die for the drawing. Create two layers with names: • Solid thin lines - to accommodate continuous thin lines the outer frame and the drawing punch lines (line types in AutoCAD); • Solid thick line - to accommodate continuous thick line frame drawing field (inner frame) and AutoCAD drawing punch lines. How to make a frame A4 vertical model in AutoCAD - algorithm How to make the outer frame of the A4 in AutoCAD.

• Select the layer 'Solid thin line.' • Call the Komad Rectang and draw a rectangle the size of 210 × 297 mm.

External A4 frame in AutoCAD built. How to make a frame A4 drawing field (inside the frame) in the AutoCAD model. • Select the layer 'thick solid line.' • Call the Offset command in AutoCAD, then choose the option series Layer - Current and construct a similar side outer frame A4 5 mm inside.

• Call Line command in AutoCAD. Tethering using the Endpoint object snap to the lower left corner of the inner frame of the drawing.

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Using polar and object tracking, track the angle of 15 mm, and specify the first point of the segment. Next, drop a perpendicular to the upper short side of the inner frame using AutoCAD Object Snap Perpendicular. • Call the Trim command in AutoCAD and select as cutting edge built segment.