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Don 'Toby' Tobin is a licensed real estate professional affiliated with Grand Living Realty. Toby is a member of the Flagler County Association of Realtors®, the Florida Association of Realtors, Enterprise Flagler, Flagler Home Builders Association, and the National Association of Realtors.

I remember when we bought our first home – I had LOTS of questions. How much can I buy? Where should I buy? How will I know it’s a good deal?

How long will this take? How does all this get coordinated? Here’s the good news. There are answers for all of these questions. My job as a real estate broker is to be a fiduciary to my client. In fact, I am LEGALLY BOUND to provide counsel and advice.

I am required to act in the best interest of clients. I am required to be competent and knowledgeable. So, this means that your biggest job is to bring the QUESTIONS and I will bring the ANSWERS. This allows you to make the most informed decisions possible. Ok – so what’s the process? I will outline it in a few steps. 1) Before you start shopping, get your pre-approval done.

The market moves fast. You see a home you love, but you aren’t pre-approved. There’s a good chance your offer wont’ be accepted, because sellers want to go under contract with someone they feel confident can close. I give my clients a few suggestions for good mortgage brokers and lenders. It’s important that you shop for your loan.

I also highly suggest you work with someone you can see eyeball to eyeball. I have PERSONALLY obtained a mortgage on my own residence through one of the popular online mortgage websites, and I am going to tell you – it was an awful experience. Keep an eye out for more detailed articles on this topic, but just know you will want to get your pre-approval done first.

You are pre-approved. You’ve got confidence in the fact that you qualify for a mortgage, and now you are ready to shop for a home. I like to sit down with my new clients and discuss their preferences. Is a first floor master a “must have”? What about a big back yard? It’s great if we can narrow down your search parameters (don’t worry – we can ALWAYS change them as we go).

The reason it helps to get clear on your ideal home is because the market moves FAST. EVERYONE is on listing alerts.

So.guess what? As soon as a home hits the market, buyers know it. You don’t want to be sifting through so many new listings that you miss your perfect one! I will have both of us set up with home alerts, so that when a new listing hits the market we can quickly go and view it. 3) Offer time!

You’ve found an awesome house, and now we are going to sit down and decide what to offer. This is when we review all the specifics about North Carolina. We determine the due diligence parameters and your Earnest Money Deposit. We discuss inspections, surveys, and the appraisal and loan process. We also review specifics about the property and discuss personal vs. Real property.


4) Negotiation is upon us! Now I will work with the Seller’s Agent to get you the best terms. 5) You are under contract! This is a great accomplishment – but now it’s time for due diligence, and it’s my job to advise you all along the way.

I start coordinating a lot of things on your behalf. Download free movies. We talk about your closing attorney, and all the other vendors you will want to shop.