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Originally posted by:i'm having issues with my PMDG addons, they will load in the game, but some functions seem not to be working for me. Like the plane Load manager. • Ultimate VFR Photoscenery (DigitalAviator) • SibWings AN2 (ThreatCue) • A1R Yak 50 (ThreatCue) • Dino Cattaneo aircraft (mikeytwc) • Orbx England/Wales (Eriol_Mits) • Airbus new series from Aerosoft** ([VK]Salva) • Airhispania Addons** ( Addon free of aifields in spain) • Aerosoft Mega airports** ([VK]Salva) • Shade (Eriol_Mits) • REX textures (Eriol_Mits) •. Originally posted by:FSCloud Multiplayer is working fine with FSX:SE and let's play together all the platforms (FSX:SE, FSX, P3D, XPlane). Originally posted by: airports have a new installer and are now fully compatible. • My Traffic 2013 (thefantasmamn) • PFPX (thefantasmamn) • Flight Sim Commander 9.5 (thefantasmamn) • iFly 737 NG (thefantasmamn) • Active Sky** (Dunee, skmcconnell361) • Blueprint Simulations KCLE (seluryar) • FSX Mission editor (Holden_Mcgroin) • v-Pilot** (vincent.carbonara) • photografic scenery of BlueSkyScenery (phmak) • Blackbox Simulations A330 Prologue* ([MerFlr]amahran) • Airbus Collection from Just Flight DVD (=UwG= WrathofSchwartz) • FSUIPC (4.938) • Radar Contact.

Originally posted by:Radar Contact 4 (build 3845) works with FSX-SE. I tested through loading a plan file and getting clearance. You must use the latest fsuipc4 now equipped for Steam: 4.938a version full install. When installing Radar Contact it may try to install an older fsuipc4 which can't find the FSX path for registration. Just cancel out of that and continue install.

Fsuipc4.938a should be installed first or later. After RC installs, in your FSX folder place the latest version of makeryws.exe from: then rerun from within RC the scenery rebuild again. On VISTA or win 7 or later, create a shortcut to rcv4.exe in your new RCv4x folder. Set the first property and advanced property windows both to run as admin to get user rights and program connection rights to FSX especially in any program files folder hierarchy. You may have to enter the path to the FSX folder in some steps including building the scenery database in RC. Mine is: H: SteamLibrary steamapps common FSX. In RC you get an explorer type window for setting your flt/wx path.

Never cancel out of that but change or accept the current selection. Cancelling out could corrupt RC's strartup data files.

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Once running successfully in your rcv4x folder copy the files rcv3.dat and keyboard.dat to a safe backup folder to avoid a reinstallation. In that same folder it would be wise to place a text copy of your current license key mailed to you to avoid registration again should you need to reinstall. The current key is valid for the assigned drive as long as you do not reformat it. RC allows a certain low number of automatic new key registrations if required such as moving to a different drive or PC. If you change your e-mail address from your initial order it will have to be manually handled.