Bertazzoni Serial Number Location

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Bruce jewell business studies pdf. Where to locate appliance serial numbers Knowing where to locate the serial number of your appliance is important. The serial number is essential for registering the warranty as well as for coordinating any service on the product. The product tag can be located in various places on the product, depending on the style or brand. Use the images below as a guide on where to look.

Bertazzoni Serial Number Location

Please contact the manufacturer if you require service. Have your model and serial number available, as well as your date of purchase.

The appliance serial number will be located on the product tag. Refrigerator Freestanding Range Built-in Dishwasher Built-in Cooktop Microwave Wall Oven Freezer Air Conditioner Top Load Washer Traditional Dryer Front Load Washer Stackable Dryer.

To find the serial number of your oven or cooker, look firstly inside the oven door for an obvious sticker. This may also be located on the oven body when you open the door up. Failing that, ask someone strong to pull out the cooker or oven and check for a label on the back of the appliance. If you have your user manual to hand, you may wish to check this first to confirm the location before you start hauling kitchen equipment around! In fact, one of the best things you can do when installing a new cooker or oven is to make a note of the serial number at the time – particularly if the sticker is located on the unit’s reverse! Add the serial number to the manufacturer’s user manual, and store this together safely with the service record and warranty information for easy access. It’s also worth noting down the Home Appliance Care contact number () just for extra peace of mind and speedy fault resolution if required!