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Installing Decoplanner on a Mac Global Underwater Explorers’ dive planning and decompression software, Decoplanner, is a great program and integral to GUE’s Cave and Tech classes. It is also of interest to many recreational divers as a planning tool. Decoplanner is available for purchase.

This software is included as part of the student materials packet for all GUE Cave- and Tech- level classes. However Decoplanner software runs natively on PC/windows only. Here are some methods that historically have worked for Mac users: How to Install Decoplanner on Mac (most simple) Use freeware Wineskin to create a “bottle” in which a Windows program can run on Mac OS, without reboot and without a Windows license. Tutorial 1: Walkthru of an installation. A huge thank you to Wet Rocks Diving’s students Andrew & Tina Dow for this video. Tutorial 2: Archived discussion from the GUE Forum, with How-To,.

DecoPlanner 3 also comes bundled with GUE's DiveLog software. This extensive dive log software provides detailed dive log features as well as the ease of uploading one's dives to GUE HQ for certification card renewal. The very popular Gas Management Program is also included with DecoPlanner 3. If you own Deco Planner version 3.1.3, you can.


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