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PIXEL WEAVER turns a PC-compatible computer into an authentic virtual loom. It can test the samples of the new Jacquard fabrics, without interrupting production, without consuming looms’ and operators’ time, yarns or energy. PIXEL WEAVER simulates and prints the fabrics with total realism, thus facilitating the verification of its technical and aesthetic characteristics before weaving.

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No design system is required, since you only need the disk with jacquard loom instructions that is used in the loom. PIXEL SHOW shows in an instantaneous way all the fabrics in the most suitable photo-realistic setting. For that reason it is an indispensable help for all traders in fabrics. Besides, with PIXEL SHOW it is possible to prepare a virtual catalogue with thousands of proposals with no need to invest either in fabrics or in the development of models and prototypes, so that the fabric manufacturer can save plenty of time and money in the preparation of catalogues. All this makes PIXEL SHOW the best interactive three-dimensional simulation programme.

A Good Product Goes Your Way EAT has specialized in developing software solutions for CAD/CAM systems in the areas of Weaving and Warp Knitting. Managing Director and Textile Designer Klaus P. Lepka describes the whole product-philosophy of the EAT team: 'We don't want to do everything. But what we do, we will do right!' That is also one of the reasons why EAT is a succesful and financially independent private enterprise, that has existed this way for more than 20 years now. But we at EAT also regard this as a reliable and necessary base for staying future-oriented and continuous with regard to the development of our software products. As early as 1983 textile engineer Klaus P.

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Lepka and his partner had developed systems to simplify certain working steps in the textile industry. In the beginning, that mainly meant: Substitute manual point paper design in the jacquard industry by half-automatic working steps on a computer. The way led from 'Patroscop' via 3 generations of 'DesignScope' to 'DesignScope victor'. For many years now, DesignScope victor systems have been among the world market leaders for electronic textile design. At ITMA 1999 in Paris EAT presented the prototype of a new spectacular CAD/CAM system: DesignScope victor was born. And EAT compiled more than 20 years of experience with all technical and creative aspects of textile design into this must-have system. The most modern software with the experience of the perfect craftsmen.