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The program Swiss-Manager is an administration- and pairing program for chess-tournaments (round robin, team-round robin, swiss-system, team swiss-system tournaments). The download-file basically is the full versions.But only with the correct installation code, which the customer receives If he buys the program he can use it as light or full version.

Victorinox Swisschamp XAVT There are various models of the Swiss Army Knife with different tool combinations. Though Victorinox doesn't provide custom knives, they have produced many variations to suit individual users. Main tools: • Large blade, imprinted on the blade shank of Victorinox models with 'VICTORINOX SWISS MADE' to verify the knife's authenticity.

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Dual liner lock system as used in the Soldatenmesser 08 and various other 111 mm models Some Swiss Army knives feature locking blades to prevent accidental closure. Wenger was the first to offer a ″PackLock″ for the main blade on several of their standard 85mm models. Several large Wenger and Victorinox models feature a locking blade secured by a slide lock that is operated with an unlocking-button integrated in the scales. Some Victorinox 111 mm series knives feature a double that secures the cutting blade and large slotted screwdriver/cap opener/wire stripper combination tool designed towards prying.

Design and materials [ ] and made from hold all machined steel parts and other tools, separators and the scales together. The rivets are made by cutting and pointing appropriately sized bars of solid brass.

Chess swiss manager serial

The separators between the tools have been made from alloy since 1951. This makes the knives lighter. Previously these separating layers were made of. The alloy used for the cutting blades is optimized for high toughness and corrosion resistance and has a composition of 15%, 0.60%, 0.52%, 0.50%, and 0.45% and is designated X55CrMo14 or DIN 1.4110 according to Victorinox. After a process at 1040 and at 160 °C the blades achieve an average hardness of 56. This steel hardness is suitable for practical use and easy, but less than achieved in used for blades optimized for high wear resistance.

According to Victorinox the martensitic stainless steel alloy used for the other parts is X39Cr13 (aka DIN 1.4031, AISI/ASTM 420) and for the springs X20Cr13 (aka DIN 1.4021, but still within AISI/ASTM 420). Acpi msft0101 acer driver windows 7. The steel used for the wood saws, scissors and nail files has a steel hardness of HRC 53, the screwdrivers, tin openers and awls have a hardness of HRC 52, and the corkscrew and springs have a hardness of HRC 49. [ ] The metal saws and files, in addition to the special, are also subjected to a process so that iron and steel can also be filed and cut. Soldatenmesser 08, the knife issued to the Swiss Armed Forces since 2008 In 2007, the Swiss Government made a request for new updated soldier knives for the Swiss military for distribution in late 2008. The evaluation phase of the new soldier knife began in February 2008, when issued an invitation to tender. A total of seven suppliers from Switzerland and other countries were invited to participate in the evaluation process.