Cisco Packet Tracer Projects Examples

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In Cisco Packet Tracer Configuration Examples Section, you will find Cisco Router and Switch Configurations for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Certifications.


Cisco project ideas • 1. CISCO – Project Ideas – Summer Internship – 2011Project Title 1: PagentLX over USNICProject Description: PagentLX is a traffic generator and analyzer tool.

It is a user-space application which uses a kernel-space driver to generate traffic. Business requires traffic generation at 10G/20G thruput speeds which cannot beachieved due to frequent context-switching between user-space and kernel-space. By running PagentLX over USNIC(User-Space NIC), the frequent context-switches are prevented and higher thruput can be achieved. Individuals workingon this project will learn Linux kernel internals.Project Title 2: Cisco Scripting ToolkitProject Description: Cisco Scripting Toolkit () offers a seamless integration of Cisco customers with the built-in Cisco CLIfeature and enables them for multi-server deployments. The Scripting Toolkit provides a flexible way to create standardserver configuration scripts to automate many of the manual steps in the server configuration process. This automatedserver configuration process cuts time from each server deployed, making it possible to scale server deployments tohigh volumes in rapid fashion.

Since the commands are executed remotely there is no OS dependent tools required toperform the task. The only one required is “expect” utility.Project Title 3: Evaluating UI Automation tools in TCLProject Description: The aim of this project is to evaluate UI automation tools and qualify the same over Cisco switchOperating Systems (NxOS) for nexus 5000 series platforms. Identify different GUI automation tools which are best suitedto test switch features. Also it is really important to evaluate the test tools, develop the few libraries and try scriptingfew basic features and give the results which will help the team to come out with best automation tool. Visual mill 6.0.

Cisco providesbasic training on Switching and routing. Cisco is responsible to provide basic test setup for developing and testingautomation scripts. Cisco helps in understanding of basic test tools using which one should work. Ability to create testscenarios and scope out the requirements from time to time.Project Title 4: NMS automation in ISAN automation framework using ITCLProject Description: We would like to evaluate and enhance our NMS scripts to event based and object oriented.

Weuse SNMP, SMI-S protocols for managing devices in datacenters. Devices are typically Network Elements like routers,switches, servers, JBODs etc. Using the above mentioned protocols one can manage, monitor and control all type ofnetwork elements which follow NMS standards. Ability to quickly ramp up basic networking and SNMP, SMI-S protocols.ISAN iTCL is the automation test framework developed inside Cisco.

Ability to understand iTCL object structure to use inautomation. Cisco helps in giving basic understanding of SNMP. Basic Documentation on SNMP and iTCL would beprovided. Cisco is responsible to provide basic test setup for developing and testing automation scripts. Ability toautomate test cases on iTCL and execute on the given test scenarios. • Project Title 5: Lab Inventory Management System ToolProject Description: Currently Cisco is using eITMS tool for Inventory Management of lab Equipments.

This is a ManualTool with lot of Process overheads. Lab team developed a Automatic tool which captures Inventory of Equipments inLab. Need to develop & enhance this tool for Global usage.Project Title 6: Power Monitoring / Usage ToolProject Description: Enhancing the Raritan Power Monitoring/Usage tool for BU specific needs. This application isgathering momentum due to Cisco Green initiative. Raritan has a tool developed on Linux to monitor the Power usingthe IP controlled Power Cyclers.

We are working with Raritan team to use this tool for any IP Controlled Power Cyclers (Cyberswitching, APC etc).Project Title 7: EIS Lab web portal enhancementProject Description: Enhancement EIS lab web portal to take care of latest updates. Deliverable is updating the EIS labWeb portal with latest information and modifying to take care of new web standards.Project Title 8: Trap / Syslog Configuration ToolProject Description: This project is about developing the Configuration Application tool to help user to set theTrap/Syslog Manager’s configuration and enable to send required objects. Requirements for this application will beuseful to the end customer as well to check and configure to enable if any additional device need to configure.Project Title 9: Overall resource Utilization tool for CTS and CTMSProject Description: This tool will provide resource utilization of CTS and CTMS. Ability to think proactively on upgradingtheir network infrastructure.Project Title 10: Simulations of CTSMAN and CUCM interface for CMProject Description: This project is to develop application server to simulate CTS-MAN and CUCM interface behavior(like ETSAS tool is used by Collaboration manager team for simulating Telepresence Rooms and Meetings, etc). Thetools need to be enhanced to add following features • Simulate different CTSMAN, CTMS versions • Integration with camelot • Integration with SAPro • Project Title 11: CM-TroubleshootProject Description: A Troubleshooting tool which can be easily deployed in a Customer setup(as a jar file) and gathercritical MIB/HTTP information of devices. • Will be useful if the c CM-Troubleshoot customer doesnt have a mib browser and we want to collect specific data of a device to make sure device instrumentation is fine.