Stiraljnaya Mashina Electrolux Ewt 9120 W Instrukciya

Stiraljnaya Mashina Electrolux Ewt 9120 W Instrukciya Rating: 3,5/5 9931 votes

• user manual Washing Machine EWT 9120 W. • 2 electrolux 1.

The control panel 2. Lid handle 3. Adjustable levelling feet Control panel 1. Programme selector 2. Spin speed selector 3. Pushbuttons and their functions 4. Lights of cycle progress 5.

The washing machine doesn't start or doesn't fill: • the appliance isn't plugged in correctly, the electrical installation isn't. Working, there is a power failure.

“Start/Pause” pushbutton 6. “Delay start” pushbutton Dispenser box.

• 3 Safety Information Please read these points carefully before installing • The manufacturer cannot be held responsible and using your appliance. Keep this user manual for any damage resulting from incorrect installa- with your appliance. General safety Precautions to be taken against frost •. • 4 electrolux Daily use Loading washing Pause” pushbutton (see “Programmes table”). Press the desired button(s): the corresponding • Open the lid of the lights come on. If pressed again, the lights go out. If one of the options is not compatible with the se- •.

• 5 Start of the programme pushbutton flashes red for a few seconds. If you still decide to change the programme, you must Press the “Start/Pause” pushbutton to start the cancel the current programme (see below). The corresponding light will come on green. • 6 electrolux Programme / Type of washing Load/Time Possible options Delicate rinse: Hand washed items can be 2,5 kg Night silence plus, Rinse hold, Rinse rinsed in this programme. 35-45 min plus, Delay start Drain: Runs an empty cycle after a Rinse hold 5,5 kg (or Night silence plus). • 7 Operating Problems Numerous checks were carried out on your appli- notice a malfunction, please refer to the sections ance before it left the factory.

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However, should you below before contacting the after-sales service. Problems Causes The washing machine •. • 8 electrolux Problems Causes The “Start/Pause” push- • the lid is not closed properly, • the object trap is obstructed, button flashes red • the drain hose is blocked or bent, • the drain hose is fixed to high (see 'Installation' section), •. • 9 Untying Open the water inlet tap. Check there are no leaks. Drainage Fit the U-piece on the drainage hose. Place everything in a drainage point (or in a sink) at a height of between 70 and 100 cm.

Ensure it is positioned securely. • 10 electrolux electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could oth- erwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information. • ANC 108 4649 00 - 05/09.