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Table of Contents • • • • Getting something unique? Or new that no one has,makes you cooler than ever. Have you ever heard of full black WhatsApp version? I think no,so in this post you will find it only.

I will tell you how to get black WhatsApp on any android phone. So making no further delay,let’s start with our main content. Prerequsities • Download • Download What is GB Whatsapp? GB Whatsapp is the modded version of the original WhatsApp, providing you more and extra features than the original one and its very easy and handy to use as the original WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is basically unofficial, not legit kind of after market version of WhatsApp, which like most alternatives claims to have more number of features like you can freeze your last seen,increase video upload limit, theme support etc. Although, I would personally not recommend using such app as it is serious compromise on privacy.

Get Black Whatsapp on any Android Phone 1. Download and Install GB Whatsapp. Setup it completely after installing according to your preferences. Go the black theme.xml file location where you have downloaded it. Select or long press the black theme.xml file. Then select the cut or move option from the options you were seeing. Then go to GB Whatsapp folder in your phone storage.

Create a new folder. Name that folder as “Themes”. After creating go to that folder. Then create another folder under the “Themes”folder.

Name that folder as “Saved”. After creating go to that folder.

Then paste the black theme.xml file in the “Saved”folder. Then go to GB Whatsapp. Click on the three dotted option situated at the top right corner of the screen. Then select GB settings option. Go to themes bar.

Then under the themes bar click on more. Then click on load option. Then select the black theme.xml file.

Then it will ask for a restart, click on Ok. Then you can see that your black theme has been installed on your whatsapp.

Quote: Originally Posted by cybermessiah @ynkamat Regarding the message bubble design you requested. In order tho have light text on a dark bubble requires decompiling/recompiling the Whattsapp apk and editing the xmls to change the text color. I have tried that in the past, but with little success. As Whattsapp doestnt seem to be able to recompile properly with the conventional decompiling methods. That is why you will see most mods have only black text on lighter bubbles. Not so easy to do an inverse design.

Quote: Originally Posted by cybermessiah @Yorzua I am well aware of how to decompile and recompile apks. The issue is with the Whattsapp apk recompiling after editing the Styles.xml within the res values folder. As many themers have found, there is an issue with recompiling WhatsApp apk after performing such edits. No one seems as yet able to successfully recompile the apk and alter the message bubble text color. You are doing well if you can change the text to inverse using ApkTool.

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