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Garmin Express Maps and software to manage your devices. Updates & Downloads. We were unable to locate any downloads for the product you requested. Customer Service. Our new Replay 3 software comes with the latest easy-to-use editing capability to allow you to edit and share your own footage on PC or Mac. The software also includes key information about your drive, including date, time, speed and even GPS location via Google Maps.

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• Turning the Device On and Off.27 VIDEO SETTINGS.. 28 Resolution..28 Dual Record..28 Loop Recording.. 29 Time-lapse Record.30 WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). 30 Exposure..

31 © 2015 REXING All Rights Reserved. • GPS..38 Update time of GPS.38 Restore Default Factory Settings.38 Playback Mode.. 39 Deleting Files..39 PHOTO SETTINGS.41 Resolution..41 Capture Mode..41 © 2015 REXING All Rights Reserved. 44 Exposure.. 45 Anti-Shaking..45 Quick Review..46 Date Stamp..46 Playback Mode (Photo).47 Updating Firmware..