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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Trainz Simulator 12. I found another Web site with newer Thomas downloads ( and they.

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Hopefully this works. Thomas the Tank Engine Pack (Trainz 2009 onwards) Includes: Thomas locomotive in various configurations: curved footplate, flat footplate, ‘The Adventure Begins’ livery and ‘Payne’ variant with closed side windows. These have been created as new versions and therefore should easily overwrite the existing Thomases if you have either of the previous two releases. Also includes the bogies required for the two different liveries, brakepipe attachment (also a new version to overwrite existing asset) and headcode lamp. CDP includes dependencies created by other users, which can be removed from the download by request of their creator if it is wished that they are not redistributed.

Download links: If you have any issues with the models working, do let me know (on SI3D Forums, DeviantArt or Channel TST Wikia) though realise I am working only with knowledge of Trainz 2009, and attempts have already been made to fix any such issues found on later versions during beta testing. I will make my best effort to aid in resolving other issues. My rules on reskinning allow modifications to be made in pursuit of getting more enjoyment out of my content; my rules on redistribution are simply “do not”. [obligatory message of goodwill], The Jonateer.